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​The 2011 Dallas Bike Plan


Welcome to the official project website for the 2011 Dallas Bike Plan. The creation of this Plan has been a community input–driven planning effort to update the 1985 Dallas Bike Plan, and has resulted in a forward-looking bicycle “master plan”, an implementation strategy, and a set of recommendations for complimentary bicycle policies and programs. As the Plan’s key component, the Dallas Bikeway System Master Plan includes the identification of on-street and off-street bicycle routes. Recommendations for the context-appropriate designation of on-street bicycle facility types was done with the help of professional bicycle planning consultants, in accordance with the latest national bicycle facility best practices and standards. The Plan’s Implementation Strategy includes a list of Demonstration/Early Implementation projects, as well as the general prioritization of projects for future implementation. The Plan was adopted as a policy guide by the Dallas City Council on June 8, 2011.

With the North Central Texas Council of Governments as the City’s partner, this groundbreaking Plan update recommends multiple inter-jurisdictional connections as part of the Bikeway System network, as well as a design guidance “Addendum” to inform the Dallas Complete Streets Initiative and a bicycle planning “template” to be used by other municipalities within the Dallas-Fort worth Metroplex.

Dallas Bikeway System Maps

View or download the Bikeway System Network Overview.

2011 Dallas Bike Plan

View or download the 2011 Dallas Bike Plan, including the Executive Summary, Introduction, Guiding Principles, Bikeway System Master Plan, Policies and Programs, and the Implementation Strategy.

2011 Dallas Bike Plan Addendum

View or download the Bike Plan's Addendum, including facility design and "complete streets" design guidance.