Building Inspection

​Building Inspection

Building Inspection COVID-19 Operation Procedures

The Sustainable Development and Construction department remains operational to continue providing service to our customers.  We are temporarily limiting our walk-in services in order to provide a safe environment for our customers and staff.  Please note the changes in our processes below.

City of Dallas Covid-10 FAQs

Inspections are still occurring under the normal process. Please request an inspection by using the online inspection system or automated phone system. Click here for more information about inspections.

Contact a District Office.

General Zoning, Certificate of Occupancy (CO) Consulting/Questions

Email  This team can assist you with:

  • General Zoning questions.
  • Certificate of Occupancy (CO) questions
  • Permit Applicant Name Change.
  • Permit Submittal / Paper application Process.
  • Forms and Fees.
  • Contractor Registration/Trade questions.
  • Permit or CO Status.
  • Call (214) 948-4075 or (214) 948-4581.  Information will be logged, and staff will contact the applicant to discuss the project
Contractor Registration / Trade Questions
  • Apply for trade permits
  • Contractor registrations may be dropped off at Room 118 and staff will contact the applicant regarding payments once the application has been processed.

Residential Permits [Single-Family New and Additions]

  • Apply at
  • If you are a homeowner submitting a permit for your own property and you cannot submit using our online ProjectDox system, please use our Drop-Off Submission process.  You are required to pay for your permit.  The staff will notify you when the permit is complete.

Residential Code Questions including re-roof [Single-Family New and Additions]

Email  This team can assist you with:

  • Single Family and Duplex Residential Code requirements/questions.
  • Zoning Questions related to Single Family Projects.
  • Residential Roof Repair questions.

Commercial Building Code, including Commercial Building Re-roof, Access Control Questions

Email  This team can assist you with: 

  • Commercial Building Code requirements/questions.
  • Access Control questions.
  • Occupant Load Calculation for Restaurants and Food Establishments.
  • Commercial Roof Repair questions.

Restaurant and Projects including food service areas within Commercial Building Questions


Green/Energy Code Questions


Plumbing Code Questions

Email Terry Johnson or Richard Denham.   

Electrical Code Questions

Email Albin Kneggs or Jeff McCabe.   

Pre-Development Meetings and Questions

Email Margie Saabedra.   

Sign Questions

Email Michael Martin.   

Addressing Questions

Email Kevin DelgadoRachel Power or Richard Ra.   

Board of Adjustment Submittals

If you need to submit an application for a Board of Adjustment case your submittal paperwork will be collected by the front staff in Room 105, date and time stamped, and provided to the Board of Adjustment Plans Examiner. You will be contacted by a staff member with further instructions and/or updates.

Conservation District Consultations

Consultations are held on Wednesday mornings between 8:00-12:00.    Please call (214) 948-4480  for questions regarding conservation districts.

Arborist Consultations
  • Arborist consultations are conducted on a first come, first served basis.  You can arrange an appointment by calling (214) 948-4480 and ask to speak with an Arborist.
  • If you need a signature for an Early Release please sign-in at the customer service desk in Room 105 and one of the arborists will assist you.