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Building Inspection


The Electronic Plan Review System (EPRS) came online in May 2014 to allow efficient plan review and processing of electronic construction document files for building permit issue, instead of handling heavy rolls of paper drawings.  The main advantage of electronic plan review over manually reviewing paper plans is allowing staff of different disciplines to review the same set of plans concurrently, thereby reducing processing times by over 50%.  This saves our customers a significant amount of money in printing costs and shortens wait times for receiving building permits.

Submit a building permit application

Click here for instructions on how to:

  • Configure your computer 

  • Create your E-Plan Review account

  • Submit an application

  • Manage you applications

Best Practices 
Please review best practices document prior to submit an application.

Drawing Sheet Instructions
Drawing Sheet Filename and Plan Set Index Standards
Drawing Sheet City Approved Batch Stamp Location
Requirements for Sign Permits

Instructions (Legacy System)
Only building permit applications submitted prior to January 1, 2019 will be accepted for electronic plan review into the legacy system.  This also applies to addendums of building permits issued before January 1, 2019. 

For questions concerning the EPRS, please contact a project coordinator at 214-948-4337 or send email.