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International Code Council (ICC) Online Code Library

Building construction codes effective March 1, 2017 or as noted otherwise.  Click the links below to download the PDF files.

​​CHAPTER 16:  2015 International Fire Code, including Appendix J, with Dallas Amendments (effective October 1, 2016)​

The Fire Code amendments include adoption of the 2013 Edition of the following Standards:  Sprinklers, NFPA 13, 13D, 13R and Fire Alarm, NFPA 72.

CHAPTER 53:  2015 International Building Code with Dallas Amendments 
                                  Code Update:  Ordinance Number 32198 (effective June 13, 2022)
CHAPTER 54:  2015 International Plumbing Code with Dallas Amendments 
CHAPTER 55:  2015 International Mechanical Code with Dallas Amendments 
CHAPTER 56:  2020 National Electrical Code​ with Dallas Amendments (effective June 13, 2022)
CHAPTER 57:  2015 International Residential Code with Dallas Amendments
                                  Code Update:  Ordinance Number 32200 (effective June 13, 2022)
CHAPTER 58:  2021 International Existing Building Code with Dallas Amendments (effective June 13, 2022)
CHAPTER 59:  2015 International Energy Conservation Code with Dallas Amendments
CHAPTER 60:  2015 International Fuel & Gas Code with Dallas Amendments
CHAPTER 61:  2015 International Green Construction Code with Dallas Amendments
CHAPTER 62:  2021 International Swimming Pool and Spa Code with Dallas Amendments (effective June 13, 2022)

             CHAPTER 52:  Administrative Procedures for the Construction Codes of the Dallas City Code

These recently adopted codes can be purchased on-line at the International Code Council website.
The amendments (see above links) are available online at no cost or for purchase ONLY at the Oak Cliff Municipal Center,  320 E. Jefferson Blvd.,  Room 118; Dallas, TX 75203.

Email addresses listed below are monitored daily from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM.

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General Building Code Questions 

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For final Code interpretations or requests for Alternate Material/Method contact appropriate Chief as listed below.:

Plumbing & Mechanical           
Richard Denham
Chief Plumbing / Mechanical Code Administrator

Jeff McCabe
Chief Electrical Code Administrator

Shahla Layendecker, AIA, CBO, RID
Chief Building Code Administrator