Plan Review & Field Service Inspections

​Plan Review & Field Inspections

​Fire Protection Engineering & Plan Review Team

320 E. Jefferson Blvd., Room 210
Dallas, TX 75203

(214) 948-4602

The Fire Protection Engineering and Plan Review Team is responsible for plan review of fire suppression systems, fire alarm systems and the storage of flammable and combustible liquids. In addition to plan review, the Fire Protection Engineering and Plan Review Team is available to provide code interpretation assistance to contractors, architects, consulting engineers, and other City departments.

The determination of the requirement for a fire protection system is regulated by the Dallas Building Code. The Fire Protection Team reviews fire protection systems for compliance with the applicable codes and standards the City of Dallas has adopted.  

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Fire Protection ​Forms and Checklists
Fire Alarm Contraction Registration
Fire Alarm Permit Checklist
Fire Alarm Plan Review Request
Fire Sprinkler Contractor Registration
Fire Sprinkler Plan Review Request Form
Fire Sprinkler and Suppression Checklist
Flammable Liquid Permit Application Checklist