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Juanita Craft Home

Juanita Craft was an NAACP leader, former Democratic Precint Chair, and the first black woman in Texas history to be deputized as a poll tax collector. Craft was a tireless advocate for desegregation, equal pay for blacks, equality in health care, and other civil rights issues. She moved to this Warren Avenue home during the 1950s when racial tension in the neighborhood was high. There were 11 bombings in the surrounding area from 1950-51 alone. Despite this, her home became a meeting place for African American youth, whom Craft educated on civil rights issues and believed would shape the future of the civil rights struggle. Civil rights leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr. and politicians such as Lyndon B. Johnson also visited Craft's home. The house, built in 1930, is a typical example of the Craftsman Bunglaow style and retains much of its original historic features. 

Designations: Dallas Landmark (1999)​

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