Historic Preservation

Underwood House

5310 Park Lane

The 1939-1940 Underwood House is a Modern Ranch style house designed by Charles Dilbeck. Dilbeck​ himself called this style of house "Texas Ranch Style" and considered himself the originator. The style is defined as a ranch house that was built with local and salvaged materials, big windows, lean-to porches, wide overhangs, and low-sloped roofs as though it were built over time. A large fireplace was always included. The style was influenced by Irish, French, and English farmhouses. A large number of these homes were located in the Preston Hollow neighborhood and elsewhere in Far North Dallas but, unfortunately, nearly half have been demolished in the last decade to make way for larger homes. The Underwood House stands as an excellent example of the style. 

Ordinance #30334

Designations: Dallas Landmark (2014)

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