Historic Preservation

Busch - Kirby Building and Annex

1509-11 Main Street

Adolphus Busch developed this 17-story office building to serve as an office and retail supplement to his nearby Adolphus Hotel, which had been completed a year earlier. A significant example of terra cotta construction, the Busch building was one of the first Gothic-Revival style office towers in the nation.​ The A. Harris deaprtment store, founded in Dallas in 1891 and later named Sanger-Harris, was located here until 1965.

Ord​inance #19697

Designations: Dallas Landmark (1987), National Register of Historic Places (1974; 1979), Registered Texas Historic Landmark (1988), and State Historic Marker program (1988). 

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Busch-Kirby Building Landmark Nomination Form