Historic Preservation

Crown Hill Mausoleum

9700 Webb Ch​apel Road

Constructed in 1940, the Mausoleum is a venerable yet modest example of the Art Deco style that was popular in Dallas in the 1930's and early 1940's for public and institutional buildings. In its construction and interior embellishments, the building exudes a feeling of solidity, security, and permanence that give it a commanding appearance on the site. Several of Dallas' most prominent families and residents who helped shaped the city in its formative years are entombed here. While the cemetery is not included in the official designation, it is notable that Bonnie Parker, of the infamous partnership 'Bonnie and Clyde', is buried in the cemetery grounds. ​Without any major alterations, the mausoleum retains its architectural integrity and significance as a reflection of public sentiment of the 1940's and has become a physical landmark in its neighborhood.

Ordi​nance #20603

Designations: Dallas Landmark (1990)

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