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Dallas High School / Crozier Tech

2214 Bryan Street

Dallas High School, commonly known as Crozier Tech, is the oldest high school building still standing in Dallas.  Located in Downtown Dallas, the main building was designed by Lang and Witchell in Classical Revival style and completed in 1907. The school has operated under seven names: Central High School, 1884; Dallas High School, 1908 (embossed over the entrance doors); Main High School, 1916; Bryan Street High School, 1917; Dallas Technical High School, 1928; Norman Robert Crozier Technical School, 1942; and Business Management Magnet Center, 1975.  Many students whose families could not afford to send them to college transferred to the school to learn skills that they could use upon graduation – including automotive repair, woodworking, architecture, painting, business training, and more. The school closed in 1995 and was renovated into office space in 2017-18.

Ordinance #24469

Designations: Dallas Landmark (2000)

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