Historic Preservation

Eastside Warehouse Historic District

The Eastside Warehouse Historic District is an industrial district that consists of two warehouses - the Chevrolet Motor Co. and Lincoln Paint and Color. The Chevrolet Motor Co., 3221 Co​mmerce, was built in 1923, by the firm Lang and Witchell. This was an early fireproof building. This Chevy plant was in competition with the Ford plant on Canton Street. In 1923 this plant began making the "Superior Series B." The Lincoln Paint and Color Company was built in 1912, which was quite early for this warehouse district. This was significant as one of the early paint company manufactures in Dallas. This district may expand in the future. There are approximately 10 city designated warehouses in this area. All these warehouses have been converted to loft housing.

Designations: Dallas Landmark District (1999)

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