Historic Preservation

Freedman's Cem​etery

Central Expressway at Lemmon​

Freedman's Cemetery was established as a burial ground for Dallas' early African-American population in 1861. This is one of the largest Freedman Cemeteries in the country. The site represents the remnants of the once-thriving North Dallas community which from the Civil War to the 1970s was the largest segrerated African American enclave in Dallas and one of the largest in the country. Along with the Oak Cliff settlement, the North Dallas community emerged as the social, cultural, and economic center of black life in Dallas. The memorial was built in late 1990 to commemorate this important site and the significant contributions made by African Americans toward the growth and development of Dallas. 

 Ordin​ance #21203

Designations: Dallas Landmark (1992), State Historic Marker Program (1993)

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