Historic Preservation

Office of Historic Preservation

​Initiated Landmark Structures

Historic buildings are those structures that possess any one of the following merits: character; location of a significant historical event; identification with a historically significant person or persons; cultural, economic, social, or historical heritage; architectural style; architect or master builder; architectural innovation; archaeological significance, or value as an aspect of community sentiment or pride.

The Property Owner, Landmark Commission, City Plan Commission, or City Council has initiated the procedure to designate the following properties as historic landmarks. They have not yet received final approval to become City of Dallas historic landmarks, however, a certificate of appropriateness is required for alterations.​

The following is a list of properties that the Landmark Commission or the property owner has initiated for historic desigation :

​PropertyAddress​Initiation Date
Bella Villa Apartment Building5506 Miller Ave. 06/05/2017
Bianchi House4503 Reiger Ave. 11/07/2016
​Forest Theater​​​1904 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd​11/06/2017
​​Mallilieu Methodist Episcopal Church
​2200 N. Haskell Ave. ​06/09/2017
Meadows Building​5646 Milton St. ​02/05/2018
​Mountain Creek Interurban Bridge​4577 W. Jefferson Ave.​12/07/2015
Struck House​1923 N Edgefield Ave. ​ 02/06/2017

​​Updated 05/25/2018