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Sears Buildings Historic District


The Sears Complex buildings have been a part of Dallas history since 1906. The complex consists of four b​uildings: 1409 S. Lamar (main Sears building), 1401 S. Lamar (Sears dining hall), 1325 S. Lamar (Dallas Coffin Company), and 1601 S. Lamar (National Casket Company). Contruction began on the main Sears building and dining hall in 1912 and several additions and expansions were added over the years. It contained over one million square feet of space and workers used rollers skates at one point in history to speed up delivery of catalog items. This property has been converted to a mixed use of lofts, hotel, retail and restaurants. The original Sears location was at 1601 S. Lamar, which became the National Casket Company when Sears sold the building in 1921. 1325 S. Lamar was constructed in 1910 as the headquarters for the Dallas Coffin Company, but was a Sears warehouse building by 1960. The Sears Complex was built along the Cotton Belt Railroad and was instrumental Dallas' role as a major distribution center for the Southwestern United States.

Sears Buildings Ordinance #23486 (H/86)

Designations: Dallas Landmark District (1998)

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Sears Complex Historic District