Current Planning

​Current Planning

​Zoning Districts - Residential - A (A) - Agricultural District

​The attached documents list the general guidelines to the Yard, Lot and Space Regulations. There may be exceptions to this information. See 51A-4.100 of the Dallas Development Code for specific details.

Front Yard

Minimum front yard is: 50 feet

Side Yard

Minimum side yard is: 20 feet

Rear Yard

  • Minimum rear yard is: 50 feet for single family structures and
  • 10 feet for other permitted structures
  • Setbacks may be greater or lesser due to exceptions in the Dallas Development Code, exceptions include, but not limited to, platted building lines and more restrictive zoning district setbacks in the same block.


Maximum structure height is: 24 feet

Dwelling Unit Density

No maximum dwelling unit density

Floor Area Ratio

No maximum floor area ratio

Lot Coverage

  • Maximum lot coverage is: 10% for residential structures
  • 25% for nonresidential structures

1. Above ground parking structures are included in lot coverage calculations;
2. Surface parking lots and underground parking structures are not

Lot Size

Minimum lot area for residential use is: 3 acre


No maximum number of stories

Off-Street Parking

See Use Regulations for Off-Street Parking Requirements

Off-Street Loading

See Use Regulations for Off-Street Loading Requirements

Landscape Regulations

See Article X

Additional Provisions


Primary Use

Farming, ranching and gardening activities

For additional information about the Yard, Lot and Space Regulations, please call Building Inspection, 214-948-4480 and ask for Zoning.