Current Planning

​Current Planning

​Zoning Districts - Office Districts - MO-1 - Mid-Range Office

​The attached documents list the general guidelines to the Yard, Lot and Space Regulations. There may be exceptions to this information. See 51A-4.100 of the Dallas Development Code for specific details.

Front Yard

Minimum front yard is: 15 feet

Urban Form Setback

20 feet - additional required for portion of a structure over 45 feet in height

Side Yard

  • Minimum side yard is: 20 feet - adjacent to or across alley from R, R(A), D, D(A), TH, TH(A), CH, MF(A)
  • 0 feet` in all other cases

Rear Yard

  • Minimum side yard is: 20 feet - adjacent to or across alley from R, R(A), D, D(A), TH, TH(A), CH, MF(A)
  • 0 feet in all other cases

Tower Spacing

  • Additional side and rear yard setback of 1 foot for each 2 feet in height only for that portion of the structure over 45 feet
  • Maximum total setback of 30 feet
  • Setbacks may be greater or lesser due to exceptions in the Dallas Development Code, exceptions include, but not limited to, platted building lines and more restrictive zoning district setbacks in the same block.


  • Maximum structure height is 135 feet
  • Any portion of structure over 26 feet may not be located above a Residential Proximity Slope (RPS)

Dwelling Unit Density

Not applicable

Floor Area Ratio

Maximum floor area ratio is 2.0

Lot Coverage

80% maximum lot coverage

1. Aboveground parking structures are included 
2. Surface parking lots and underground parking structures are not

Lot Size

No minimum lot size


  • Maximum 10 stories above grade
  • Parking garages are exempt but must comply with height regulations

Off-Street Parking

See Use Regulations for Off-Street Parking Requirements

Off-Street Loading

  • See Use Regulations for Off-Street Loading Requirements
  • May not be located in the required front yard
  • May be located in the front yard behind setback line if screened form street with a mimimum screening of six feet in height

Landscape Regulations

See Article X

Additional Provisions

Development Impact Review (DIR) required if estimated trip greater than 6000 trips per day and 500 trips per acre per day.

  • Visual Intrusion
    • No balcony or opening facing a R, R(A), D, D(A), TH, TH(A), CH, MF-1, MF-1(A)(SAH), MF- 2, or MF-2(A)(SAH) district may be above the RPS
  • Garbage collection and mechanical equipment
    • 20 foot setback to nearest building site in an R, R(A), D, D(A), TH, TH(A), or CH district
  • Screening surface parking lots from street
    • Off-street parking lots must be screened from street
  • Screening side and rear yards from residential districts
    • Side or rear yards abuting or across an alley from A, A(A), R, R(A), D, D(A), TH, TH(A), CH, MF, MF(A), MH, or MH(A) districts must be screened from that district.

Primary Use

  • Office
  • Limited Service Uses to serve building

For additional information about the Yard, Lot and Space Regulations, please call Building Inspection, 214-948-4480 and ask for Zoning.