Current Planning

Dallas Zoning Districts

Zoning District CA-1(A)

The attached documents list the general guidelines to the Yard, Lot and Space Regulations. There may be exceptions to this information. See 51A-4.100 of the Dallas Development Code for specific details.

Front Yard

  • No minimum front yard
  • See Additional Provisions

Side Yard

  • Minimum side yard is: 5 feet for duplex structures
  • 10 feet for multifamily structures 36 feet or less in height
  • no minimum in all other cases

Rear Yard

  • Minimum rear yard is: 10 feet for duplex structures
  • 15 feet for multifamily structures 36 feet or less in height
  • no minimum in all other cases
  • Setbacks may be greater or lesser due to exceptions in the Dallas Development Code, exceptions include, but not limited to, platted building lines and more restrictive zoning district setbacks in the same block.


    Maximum structure height is: Any legal height

Dwelling Unit Density

    No maximum dwelling unit density

Floor Area Ratio

  • 20.0 - Maximum floor area ratio
  • 24 to 1 increased by the use of the building setback bonus provisions in
    CA-1(A)-CP and CA-1(A)-SP

Lot Coverage

    100% lot coverage

Lot Size

    No minimum lot size


  • No maximum number of stories
  • Off-Street Parking
    1 space for each 2000 sf for new building or an addition to an existing building
    1 space for each 2000 sf for Multifamily
    2 spaces for each dwelling unit in duplex
    2 spaces for each single family

Off-Street Loading

    For new buildings or an addition to an existing building - See Use Regulations for Off-Street Loading Requirements

Landscape Regulations

    See Article X

Additional Provisions

  • Single famiy structure spacing: In this district, a minimum of 15 feet between each group of eight single family structures must be provided by plat
  • Minimum 10-foot seback is required in CA-1(A)-CP and CA-1(A)-SP district and is measured from street curb
  • When a owner establishes a setback on his property greater than 10 foot requirement, a floor area bonus of six times the additional setback area is allowed.
  • The maximum permitted floor area ratio with a bonus is 24 to one.

Visual Intrusion

    No balcony or opening facing a R(A),D(A), TH(A), CH, MF-1(A)(SAH), MF- 2(A)(SAH) district may be above the RPS

Sidewalk Regulations

  • Must be provided betweeen the back of the street curb and face of a building. See Code section 51A-4.124 for width
  • See Development Code for other provisions
  • Commercial Parking Lots and garages: See 51A-4.124 (9)

For additional information about the Yard, Lot and Space Regulations, please call Building Inspection, 214-948-4480 and ask for Zoning.