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Dallas Zoning Information and Help

‚ÄčIf you have any questions concerning the Zoning Code, please contact the Zoning Section of Development Services. Our phone number is (214) 948-4480.

Chart of Zoning Rules (Adobe PDF)

Zoning Districts
An index of zoning districts and links to general regulations such as front, side, rear yard setbacks, height restrictions, lot coverage, floor area ratio and other additional provisions for each district.

Zoning Use Chart Index
An index to charts that list specific uses allowed in specific Zoning Districts.

Zoning Use Regulations
An index of uses and links to specific use information such as definitions, districts permitted, required off-street parking / loading, and additional provisions.

Board of Adjustment Requirements
Instructions and requirements for appealing to the Board of Adjustment.

Frequently asked Questions and Answers
Frequently asked questions and answers concerning the Dallas Development Code.

Amendments to the Development Code
The Supplement Page which lists recent ordinance changes to the Dallas Development Code.

NOTE: The information on these pages has NOT been formally adopted by the City Council. It is prepared by the city staff and intended for use as a guide only. You are advised to see the Dallas Development Code for specific regulations. In the event of a conflict between these pages and the text of the Dallas Development Code, the text of the Dallas Development Code controls.