Pretreatment Program

Silver Best Management Practices (BMPs)

Numerical Limits vs. BMP Program

Under the Silver BMP program, facilities generating silver-rich solution from the photographic and radiographic development process would have to comply with the existing numerical limit of 0.36 mg/L at CWWTP and 3.04 mg/L at SSWWTP for silver discharges as stated in the Dallas City Code (Chapter 49-43) and adopt and implement a BMP. Facilities not implementing a BMP must continue to comply with the numerical silver local limit or be subject to more stringent regulation under the Pretreatment Program. Regulatory requirements for those facilities not complying with the numerical limit would include issuance of an Industrial User Discharge Permit, self-monitoring, DWU compliance monitoring and enforcement of other rules and regulations. Facilities not in compliance might also be subject to costs that may include sampling expenses and monetary penalties for noncompliance with the regulations.