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​​​Liquid Wast​e Program

List of Current Liquid Waste Facilities

List of Current Liquid Waste Haulers

The Liquid Waste Section of the Pretreatment & Laboratory Services Division performs inspections of grease generating facilities such as restaurants and other food services establishments. The program:

  • Tracks grease generators, waste oil and septage disposal through waste manifests;
  • Investigates and conducts follow-up inspections on Sanitary Sewer Overflows;
  • Performs inspections of waste oil facilities;
  • Permits and inspects non-hazardous waste haulers as a means of verifying where grease, waste oil and septage are disposed; and
  • Accepts septage at Excess Flow Station at the Central wastewater treatment plant.

The City ordinance for liquid waste transportation in Dallas City Code, Volume I, Chapter 19, Article X regulates transportation and disposal of liquid waste including disposal of grease waste and installation and operation of grease traps respectively.

Liquid Waste Transporter Permitting

The Liquid Waste Section permit, monitors, inspects, and regulates liquid waste haulers and transporters. A liquid waste transporter operates a vehicle for the purpose of transporting liquid waste such as septic, grease, grit trap wastes and used motor oil.

A transporter must obtain a permit from the Liquid Waste Program to operate a vehicle for the purpose of transporting non-hazardous liquid waste within the City limits. A separate permit is required for each vehicle operated. To obtain a permit you will need to:

Reciprocal Inspections - The Liquid Waste Section implemented reciprocal inspection program with the surrounding cities such as Fort Worth and Grand Prairie for liquid waste transporters. The transporters are regulated by the state and local governments where they operate for hauling septage, oil and grease. Many of the liquid waste transporters are operating in areas that cross city boundaries. The cities all agreed to accept each others transporter inspections thus saving time and fuel for the transporters.

Truck inspections are conducted every Monday - Friday from 7:30 am to 2:30 pm by appointment at the Pretreatment and Laboratory Services Division office located at 1020 Sargent Road, Building #2 Dallas, TX 75203. Contact the Liquid Waste Section for an appointment. Vehicles are inspected for the following items (see Vehicle inspection requirements):

  • Display on each side of the vehicle in a color contrasting with the background in three (3) inch letters or larger; the company name and permit number assigned by the Liquid Waste Program: DAL ###-#
  • TCEQ registration authorization kept in the vehicle and a decal sticker displayed on each side of vehicle.
  • Copy of the City of Dallas transporter permit (for existing permits) kept in the vehicle.
  • Properly maintained hoses, tanks, valves, and site gauges.
  • Safety plugs or caps for each valve/hose on a tank.
  • Prominently marked discharge valves and ports.
  • Tank capacity of not less than 500 gallons (except for portable toilet waste vehicles).
  • Exterior clean and odor-free at the time of inspection.

A liquid waste transport permit will not be issued to an applicant until the appropriate fee is paid. The permit fee is $220 per vehicle for each vehicle operated by the applicant. Each permit must be renewed annually. Stickers for the permit must be prominently displayed on the rear side of the vehicle.

Manifests System – Trip Tickets

One of the responsibilities for all of Liquid Waste Transporters is to use the City of Dallas's manifest system (Dallas City Code, Volume I, Chapter 19, Section 19-123), consisting of a five-part trip ticket, used to control the transporting and disposal of all applicable liquid waste generated in the City Of Dallas. It is the responsibility of the transporter to insure that all manifests are filled out properly. The manifests are due by the 10th of each month.

How to Fill Out Our New Manifest instructional sheet 

Trip ticket books may be purchased at Pretreatment and Laboratory Services Division, Liquid Waste Section located at 1020 Sargent Road, Excess Flow Station, Dallas, TX 75203, Mondays through Fridays from 8:00 am to 3:40 pm for $10 per book. Each ​book contains 25 manifests.

Excess Flow Station – Disposing Septage Waste

Dallas Water Utilities accepts septage waste from septic tanks or portable sanitation by TCEQ/City of Dallas permitted liquid waste transporters at the Excess Flow Facility located at Central Wastewater Treatment Plant,1020 Sar​gent Road, Dallas, Texas 75203. The hours of operation are 8:00 A.M. to 3:40 P.M. Monday through Friday. Loads are tested and must be accompanied by a City of Dallas manifest. Fees are billed monthly and include.

  • Excess Flow registration fee of $500 for new septic haulers.
  • $4.50 per 100 gallons of septic tank waste.