Pretreatment Program

​Silver Best Management (BMPs)

The Silver BMP program sets forth specific parameters for the control of silver discharges from silver-halide imaging facilities in a cost-effective and environmentally sound manner. It combines current technology and pollution prevention practices to ensure that silver is reduced in the waste stream to the satisfaction of both the regulated and regulatory communities. This program requires a facility to remove a specified percentage of silver from its waste stream, depending on the amount of silver rich solution the facility generates. It is a performance-based approach that is a cleaner, cheaper, and less onerous method of promoting environmental performance through the recovery of silver by processors of photographic materials.

The Best Management Practice approach includes all non-permitted private and governmental enterprises that use medical x-rays, industrial x-ray, motion picture, micrographic, or photographic film.

Numerical Limits vs. BMP Program

Category Determination

Silver Recovery Requirements

Requirements for Facilities Conducting On-Site Silver Recovery

Requirements for Facilities Opting for Off-Site Management

Acknowledgement of Compliance and Enforcement Measures