Code Compliance

Graffiti Control & Prevention Program

​The City of Dallas Graffiti Abatement Program is a divisional component under the Department of Code Compliance.

  • Promoting public safety, health and improving quality of life by controlling graffiti throughout the City of Dallas
  • Reduces the negative impact of vandalism
  • Conduct educational outreach events & presentations 

The programs mission is to mitigate problematic graffiti / tagging through community involvement, education & building sustainable partnerships.


Under Dallas City Code (Section 31-38) the property owner is responsible for the removal of graffiti.

To report a graffiti issue




Graffiti Wipe-Out Program

The Graffiti Wipe-Out program works with Dallas area non-profits, volunteer organizations, schools, corporations, neighborhood associations, and groups interested in eliminating graffiti within the City of Dallas. Wipe-Out projects focus on acute geographical areas where there is a high concentration of Graffiti vandalism. Groups of 10 or more volunteers are trained and given the tools necessary to paint over all graffiti in the area.

Graffiti on Private Property

If you discover graffiti on private property the owner of the property is required to complete a Graffiti Consent Form that will allow the City of Dallas to abate/remove the graffiti. The program has helped thousands of residents and businesses remove graffiti from their property.

Graffiti Consent Form

For more information about the Graffiti Wipe-Out Program or graffiti on private property please contact Code Compliance at 214-670-6863.