Code Compliance

​Code Compliance

​​​​​​​​​Multi-Tenant Inspection & Response

Multi-Tenant Inspection Program 101

On March 3, 2004, the Dallas City Council amended Chapte​r 27 of the Dallas City Code to provide for the registration and inspection of all multi-tenant properties. Effective September 1, 2004, any per​son who owns, operates or controls a multi-tenant property is required to register annually by submitting a completed registration application​ at least thirty days before expiration of the prior year’s registration or upon taking ownership or control of the property. Additionally, multi-tenant properties must be inspected at least once every three years.

To obtain more information about this program call  214-671-2791.

Helpful Tips (Multi-Tenant application)

The Multi-Tenant Inspection Program applies to the following properties:​

  • Properties with three or more dwelling units on a lot that are five years of age or older
  • Lodging or boarding houses
  • Group residential facilities
  • Extended stay hotels or motels

*Registration and inspection are not required if no dwelling units in the multi-tenant property are leased or offered for lease. An Annual Exemption Affidavit must be submitted by either the property owner or the ​owner’s agent in order to be in compliance with Sec. 27-30 of the Dallas City Code.

Program Requirements Checklist

The following are required of Multi-Tenant Properties in the City of Dallas:

*Items marked with an asterisk must be displayed to the public. Failure to do so will result in an Administrative Failure. An administrative failure is a graded inspection in which the property scores lower than 85 only because of failure to have or display required documentation. The property will be invoiced at $20 per number of total units.

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