Code Compliance

​Code Compliance

​​​​​​​​​Multi-Tenant Inspection & Response

Multi-Tenant Inspection Program Fees

Multi-Tenant Registration
$6.00 per unit (whether occupied or unoccupied)
Multi-Tenant Inspection
No Charge
Administrative Failure
(failure to display required documentation)
$87.00 per total #
of units on property
Multi-Tenant Supplemental Inspection - Pass
No Charge
Multi-Tenant Supplemental Inspection - Fail
(1st Re-Inspection)
$46.00 per total #
of units
Multi-Tenant Re-Inspection (Inspections subsequent to Supplemental Inspection)
$46.00 per unit/building inspected; $20 exterior
Swimming Pool Re-Inspection
$43 per pool
Swimming Pool Permit
Additional Pools on same lot
Manager of Pool Operations Certification