Code Compliance

​Code Compliance

​Multi-Tenant Inspection & Response

​Tips for Filling out the Multi-Tenant Registration Application

To ensure that your renewal payment is processed and applied correctly, always reference your permit number on you application and check/money order. Y​our permit number is found on your Multi-Tenant Registration Certificate. It is 7 digits long and doubles as your account number.

Tip #1 for MT application  

The applicant is the person who owns, operates, or controls the property. This could be the property manager or the owner’s appointed agent.

Tip #3 for MT application  

The property owner of record should reflect the information provided to the Dallas Central​ Appraisal District:

Tip #3 for MT application  

This section should only be filled out if the property is owned by a corporation rather than an individual.
If the property is not owned by a corporation, mark the first line with “N/A.”

Tip #4 for MT application  

Provide the name of the Multi-Tenant property as it is known to the public and the address of the property as reflected by Dallas Central Appraisal District: