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Adding Goals​ to Performance Plans in Neogov

​How to add goals to evaluation plans NOTE: For goals to be added to an Evaluation Plan, the Evaluation Plan must be in Draft status. Contact City University or your HR Generalist if the Evaluation Plan is not in Draft status. Let’s get started . . . You can add goals to an evaluation plan in one of two ways:• Option 1: Goals can be added to an individual employee at one time, or • Option 2: Goals can be added in bulk to multiple employees at one time. OPTION 1: ADD GOALS TO AN INDIVIDUAL EMPLOYEE STEP 1: The first step is to select an employee. NOTE: We will also provide instruction on how to select multiple employees. THERE ARE TWO OPTIONS TO SELECT AN EMPLOYEE OPTION 1 FOR SELECTING AN EMPLOYEE FROM THE "EMPLOYEES" LIST

To select an employee from the "Employees" list click Employees on the menu bar.

• On the resulting page you will see a list of all your employees.

• To select an employee, click the employee’s last name or first name .


• Another option is to select an employee from My Direct Reports section on your Dashboard page.

• Scroll down to the My Direct Reports section.

• Click the employee’s name you want to view.

• After clicking the employee’s name, the Employee's Detail page will appear

STEP 2: After you identify and select the employee, the next step is to select an Evaluation plan

• After you click the employee’s name you will be taken to Employee's Detail page.

• On this page you will click "Evaluations" from the menu bar

• Next select appropriate Evaluation Plan from "Evaluations" section

• To select an evaluation from the section, click the name of the evaluation.

• After you click the name of the evaluation you will be taken to the evaluation details page.

• The name of the evaluation will be at the top of the page

(EX: FY 2018 / 2019 Annual Performance Evaluation for ).

STEP 3: The next step is adding goals under appropriate Key Performance Areas

• Check the General Information section to see if the evaluation status shows Draft. The status must be Draft to add goals. If other than Draft, change status to "Draft" or contact City University or your HR Generalist for assistance.

• The Content section is where you will add goals. Goals will be added to Key Performance Areas. For example, Customer Service/Quality Focus is a Key Performance Area. Each Performance Area has a pre-populated goal. You must add additional goals such as department, division and/or work-unit specific goals.

STEP 4: The next step, adding goals to Key Performance/Competency Areas

• In the Key Performance areas, click add item then click New Goal from the drop-down list. An "Add Goal" window will appear.

STEPS 5-8: Dialogue window to add goals

• In the add Goal window, you will (1) add a Goal Name, (2) add a Goal Due Date if different than end-of-year due, (3) select a Category from the category list (category must match Key Performance Area), (4) add a Description to provide clarity and directions as needed, (5) click Reminder Settings to turn reminders notices on or off, and (5) click Save.


1. Items with red vertical bar are required.

2. Select a category that matches the key performance area. For example, if you are adding a goal to Customer Service/Quality Focus competency area, then you will select "Customer Service" from the category list. DO NOT ADD A NEW CATEGORY. You can always click Cancel if you don’t want to Save the goal.

STEPS 9-11: Next step, activate the performance plan

• Once all the goals have been added to the evaluation, scroll up to find Start Evaluation button, and click the button.

• You will see a screen with heading Activate Evaluation that will say you are about to resume the evaluation process and you are no longer in draft status. Click Continue and the evaluation process will be started for the employee.

• Scroll down to the "Process" section and you will see that the first step in the evaluation process has been activated. You can begin tracking and documenting comments in each competency area.


• On the menu bar click Performance Evaluations down-arrow.

• From drop-down list click Performance Evaluations List.

• On the resulting page, for each employee click the checkbox (in left column) next to the Evaluation Plan you want to add bulk goals to. Make sure that the Evaluation Plan(s) have the same name and check to see that Status field is Draft (in the Status column). You cannot add goals if the Status is not Draft.

• Click the Bulk Actions icon.

• A menu will appear on the right side of the browser window. Click Assign Goals on the menu.

• On the resulting page "Step 2 of 3: Goals Assignment" you will perform multiple steps. First for each employee you will select the key performance area (same for all employees) to add the goal to.

• After selecting the Section click Goal (right side of the window) then click New Goal from drop-down list.

• On the Add Goal pop-up, (1) type or paste the goal Title, then (2) type or paste the goal Description (optional), then (3) select the goal Category, and finally (4) click Add to accept the new goal.

• The goal will appear on the list in the category you selected.

• Repeat step 7 if you have additional goals for the same Section to Add Goal until all goals have been added. DO NOT CHANGE THE GOAL CATEGORY.

• After you add all bulk goals for the selected category, click Next at the bottom of the page.

• On the resulting confirmation page "Step 2 of 3: Confirmation Page" you will see a list of evaluations that have been updated for each employee. Click Submit to finalize the actions.

• On the resulting page "Step 3 of 3: Bulk Actions Status" you will see Action Progress and receive a message telling you the bulk action is complete.

• All Failed Records will appear at the bottom of the page.

• END OF PROCESS. Click Go Back to return to Evaluation List to start the process again to add bulk goals to a different Section to Add Goal.