Talent & Performance Management

Printing Instructions

​How to print your performance review documents

These are the instructions on how to locate and print your performance reviews in NEOGOV.  This process will show you all reviews that are available to view and print.

Step 1:  After you log-in to NEOGOV, check to see that you are in the Perform Module.

Step 2:  Click NEOGOV on upper left of screen to get to your dashboard

Step 3:  Locate the "My Evaluations" section. Next to My Evaluations header clic "view all of my evaluations".

Step 4:  On "Employee Details" page locate the "Evaluations" section.

Step 5:  On lower right corner of "Evaulations" section click "Show More".

Step 6:  On "Evaluation" pop-up screen click "current Evaluations" down-arrow then select "All Evaluations.  NOTE: You can click "Default" to make it the default view.

Step 7:  Click on the name of the evaluation you want to view and print.  On resulting screen click "print preview" button.

Step 8:  Click "Print" button on right side of screen.  A PDF should display in a new tab. If it does not display you must turn off pop-up blockers.

Step 9:  Print the document; close the tab when done. End of process.