Public Works

MOWmentum Program​

​Landscaping Guidelines

​General Guidelines for Landscaping

In order to maintain landscape continuity, safety and visibility for the general public within areas containing traffic signs, pedestrian crossings, railroad crossings and school zones, the following guidelines pertain to all landscape projects within parks, open space and City-owned right-of-way.


  1. Tree plantings in pedestrian areas must provide adequate clearance for pedestrians so as not to create a safety hazard.
  2. No tree planting within left turn lanes of medians or marginal dividers will be permitted.
  3. No planting shall be allowed to overhang on the curb on any median, marginal divider, or parkway where it is creating any visual obstruction, contributing to traffic congestion, or vehicle damage.


  1. Tree planting in the median, marginal divider and along the parkway must have a minimum height of 8 feet from the top of curb line. When bottom branches are extending beyond the curb line there needs to be a minimum of a 17 feet vehicle clearance above the road surface. Please see Landscaping Clearance Guidelines in MOWmentum Packet and/or on the website under MOWmentum/Fund Guidelines.
  2. Tree plantings should normally be located no closer than 50 feet on center from the tip of an end of a median, marginal divider, or parkway. However, adequate sight distance must be provided.
  3. Trees should not be planted within 5 feet from the back of curb line on medians and marginal dividers.
    Plantings should have a 25 foot clearance from the property line of an alley when the alley intersects with a street.
  4. Plantings or structures are not allowed if they occur in a visibility triangle and are between 2½ and 8 feet measured from top of the pavement in height. Please see Visibility Triangle Guidelines in MOWmentum
  5. Packet and/or on the website under MOWmentum/Fund Guidelines.
  6. No tree planting within medians and marginal dividers measuring 10 feet or less in width will be permitted.
  7. All trees planted on city property shall abide by City of Dallas landscape code which requires a minimum of two caliper inch.

School Zone / Rail Road Crossings

  1. No tree planting will be allowed within 150 feet of a school crossing. Shrub planting not to exceed 1½ feet above the top of curb grade would be acceptable. This height restriction must be maintained by the nature of the plant or by regular trimming.
  2. No planting should be allowed within 250 feet of a railroad crossing.


  1. Trees should not be located within 25 feet of any existing and/or proposed light standard, signal standard, regulatory or warning signs, or any other traffic control device.


  1. The site should maintain adequate drainage for the maintenance of a healthy growing environment for the specified plant materials. All built in watering systems must comply with City irrigation regulations. When an irrigation system is added, Chapter 54 “Dallas Plumbing Code”, Section 315 Irrigation Systems shall be applied. There are new state laws that impact those with sprinkler systems. Go to Building Inspection Irrigation Interpretations for more information or call the City of Dallas Building Inspection Department at 214-948-4480.
  2. An acceptable maintenance schedule, that can include organic materials if desired, must be provided and approved when landscape plans are submitted. The application of pesticides and/or herbicides on City of Dallas property shall be in accordance with City policy and may be evaluated on a case by case basis. Please review Ordinance No. 24033 SEC. 19-118.3 for regulations of pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers.
  3. Above grade planters and other permanent structures located in the public right-of-way require a license agreement as issued by the Department of Sustainable Development and Construction, Real Estate Division. You can contact this office at (214) 948-4098.
  4. Each application is considered on a case by case basis due to location. The Department of Street Services MOWmentum Agreements are subject to approval by the director of Street Services, City Forester of the Parks & Recreation Department, and traffic engineer’s at Public Works & Transportation. Approval of the MOWmentum agreement is not considered approval for any additional installation or maintenance permits/licenses required under City ordinance. The party responsible for maintenance is responsible for acquiring any mandatory permits per city code.
  5. Any proposed beautification project submitted through the MOWmentum Program for approval must be City of Dallas property not private property.