Public Works


The Department of Public Works is responsible for the mowing of most medians and triangles outside of the Central Business District. For medians inside the Central Business District, contact Park & Recreation at (214) 670-4100. For visibility obstructions and other hazards to public streets, contact City Services at 3-1-1 when dialing from inside the city limits, or (214) 670-5111 when dialing from outside the city limits.

Median and Right-of-Way Mowing

Medians and rights-of-way (ROW) are mowed every 14 days during the growing season, typically between February and November of each year. Allowing for delays because of weather, each median and right-of-way will be mowed approximately 18 times during the growing season.

Median and ROW mowing consists of the following activities:

  • Picking up and removing litter
  • Mowing
  • Edging
  • Line trimming around landscaping, signs, poles, etc.
  • Removing grass clippings from streets, gutters, and concrete portions of medians
  • Removing litter scraps unintentionally mowed

Most of the mowing of medians and ROW is performed by private contractors.

Property Owners Responsibilities

The private property owner is responsible for maintaining and mowing the parkway area adjacent to the city street. The parkway is commonly defined as the area of public right-of-way between the private property and the edge of the city street.

The Code Compliance Department is responsible for the enforcement of this City Code requirement.

State Responsibilities

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is responsible for maintaining and mowing the rights-of-way on all controlled access highways (e.g., I-30, I-45, I-35, I-20, North Central, I-35, S.M. Wright).

Mowing of Other City Property

Surplus City of Dallas property, tax foreclosures and unimproved street easements are mowed during the mowing season. Floodway Management Areas are mowed as needed and are left primarily in a natural state. For all mowing concerns involving city owned property, call the City Services Dispatch at 3-1-1 when dialing from inside the city limits, or (214) 670-5111 if dialing from outside the city limits.