Public Works

Right-of-Way Management

​Robert Perez, Assistant Director:  214-948-4290

Right-of-Way Permit ​Management

Joe Smetak

​A permit is required to perform any construction work within the public right-of-way or any construction work outside of the public right-of-way that will cut, break, or otherwise damage the public right-of-way. Technical standards governing pavement cut and repair are provided in the Pavement Cut and Repair Standards Manual.  For Right-of-Way permits access, go to For information on how to use this system, please see the Training Manual. ​For an interactive map of Right-of-Way permits with an Issued or In Warranty status, go to  If you have any questions, please send them to

Small Cell Design Manual

Small Cell Application


Street Light Infrastructure Removal Application


Service Pole Attachment Agreement - DRAFT

Exhibit A - Installation and Maintenance Requirements - DRAFT


Above Ground Utility Structure Placement Guidelines (AGUS)