Public Works

Sidewalk Replacement Program​

Derek White, Ph.D., P.E., Interim Assistant Director:  214-948-4308

Christopher Combs, Manager: 214-948-4449

General Information

  • The City secures all necessary permits. The program has a one year warranty on workmanship.
  • Property owners may experience delays in sod replacement (if required) due to seasonal availability.
  • City ordinance requires property owners to replace sidewalks, drive approaches or any other associated element when they become defective, unsafe or hazardous.
  • For request to install new sidewalks where none exist, please contact Precilla Cardenas, Project Coordinator at 214-948-4125.

Cost Share Program

  • The City partners with residents to share the cost 50/50 for existing residential sidewalk removal and replacement. Note, all single family residences are eligible to participate in this program including condominiums and townhomes.
  • In addition, the property owner will pay 100% for the cost of drive approach removal and replacement. The City pays for all other miscellaneous items including barrier free ramps.
  • Sidewalk removal and replacement are logged in by the date received.
  • From the initial inquiry it takes two to three months to assess the property and provide a quote by mail. From the time of payment it is approximately three (3) to nine (9) months depending on demand to project completion.

Contact Information

To replace existing sidewalks we offer the Cost Share Program. You may access the program by calling 214-948-4127 or 214-948-4287.