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2021 Commercial Energy Code 

For Commercial new construction and addition permits filed prior to May 12, 2023:

You must provide the Dallas Energy Code Compliance Certificate at the end of the project. The Third-Party Energy Code Provider has two methods with which to submit the form:

  1. Email the "2015 version" Dallas Energy Code Compliance Certificate to
    ; or, 
  2. Upload the form to (Note: Third-Party Energy Code Providers must first be registered.)
For Commercial new construction, addition, and first time finish-out permit applications filed on or after May 12, 2023:

  1. Provide the new Dallas Commercial Energy Compliance Path Form, signed by a registered third-party energy provider, with the application of a building permit for new commercial construction, additions, and first time tenant finish-outs to existing commercial structures. 
  2. A compliance path form is not required to be submitted with the application for remodel permits. However, a compliance certificate is required at the end of the project.
  3. City of Dallas staff will sign off on the "Energy" process (energy forms must be approved and on file) before the building final inspection may be approved.
  4. For projects applying for Temporary Certificates of Occupany (TCO), the third-party energy provider must submit the Dallas Commercial Energy Compliance Certificate with the TCO portion checked. 
  5. The Third-Party Energy Code Provider has two options with which to submit the form: