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This guide is to provide the residential homeowner, or occupant, information on the requirements for establishing or re-establishing fuel gas service to the property where they live. If the fuel gas service has been discontinued for any reason other than non-payment of a utility bill, a permit and plumbing inspection will be required prior to resumption of service or the establishment of gas service. In order to resume or re-establish fuel gas service the following conditions must be met:

  • ​A plumbing permit must be obtained by either the homeowner (see qualifying conditions) or a Licensed Plumbing Contactor who has a current Master Plumbers License issued by the Texas State Plumbing Board and is registered with the City of Dallas as a Plumbing Contractor  
 Qualifying Conditions for Home Owners Exemption: 

To obtain a plumbing permit as a homeowner, (1) your property must have a homestead exemption that is filed with the county tax office; (2) you must own and occupy the property. If you obtain a homeowner permit you will be required to meet the same requirements of the plumbing code just as a plumbing contractor. 
The gas piping system must be tested with a diaphragm test gauge that is approved by the Dallas Plumbing Code. The tests consist of applying a test pressure of three (3) psig, the plumbing inspector must witness this test, and the test must be maintained for a minimum of 15 minuets. The test must include all the fuel gas piping starting at the gas meter and include the yard service and all structures located on the property. The plumbing inspector will need access to all structures and is required to inspect all fuel gas supplied appliances to insure proper installation and meet minimum safety requirements.

The structure is required to have approved vented heating equipment that is capable of maintaining a minimum habitable temperature of 70º degrees F, three (3) feet above the floor within the structure prior to the fuel gas meter being released. Heating equipment that is installed that has a 5 B.T.U.'s input for each cubic foot of occupied space will be considered adequate to meet this requirement.

Upon completion of the plumbing inspection and approval the plumbing inspector will contact Atmos and give a release for the fuel gas service to be connected or re-connected.

Effective January 1, 1991, dwellings heated by unvented space heaters that have remodeling, renovation or additions exceeding $10,000 or 10% of the dwelling's value, which ever is greater, must have heating equipment installed that is approved by the 2000 International Residential Code (IRC).

Gas Release Guide

A city inspection and release for gas service is required for the following conditions:

  • New installation of fuel gas systems.
  • Repair of fuel gas leaks and relayed fuel gas yard service.
  • Meters that have been removed at the request of Code Compliance because the building was unfit for human habitation.
  • Any building that has the meter removed
  • Meters removed at the request of the Fire Department
  • Meter removed at the request of a Plumbing Inspector
  • Any repair that includes the replacement of gas piping other than the appliance connectors.
  • Any changes or additions to existing fuel gas system.
Note: Any fuel gas system installation that was not approved by a current or previous plumbing must be in compliance prior to meter release.