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Q-TEAM will only be accepting Electronic plans as of 3/25/20 for any new submittals  

​Building Inspection


What is the Q-TEAM?

The Q-TEAM is an alternate plan review process that allows applicants to pay for an accelerated or expedited plan review. Q-TEAM fees are in addition to all other fees required.

Generally, Q-TEAM reviews are done in a meeting setting with the development team and Q-TEAM members present. During the review consultants and staff can identify potential issues or deficiencies that may prohibit the permit from being issued. However, the goal is to be able to issue the permit after the meeting if possible. Download our “How to” brochure.

How do I hire the Q-TEAM ?

Applications can be accepted directly by Q-TEAM staff at the Oak Cliff Municipal Center at 320 E Jefferson, Room 204 8:00 am – 4:30 pm.

How long does the process take?

Generally the meeting is scheduled 10-15 working days after Q-TEAM acceptance. The development team’s consultants, owners, architects, engineers or contractors should be at the meeting and ready to make on the spot decisions, changes, etc. Design professionals are encouraged to bring stamps and seals to the meeting to make immediate changes to the drawings. If revisions are required to be resubmitted, a follow-up meeting can be scheduled or revisions returned to appropriate staff.

What is the cost?

All of the standard permit and plan review fees apply (refer to Fee Schedule) with an additional pre-qualification fee and a $1,000 per hour for the review time.  Maximum Q-Team fees are based on  the size of the building project in square feet.

NOTICE: Single Family and Duplex will be done in the Permit Center.


Predevelopment Meeting Application

For more information on predevelopment meetings.



For those permit applicants who choose to have their construction plans reviewed electronically, please follow the instructions listed here.  There is no additional charge for electronic plan review.


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