Historic Preservation

Designation Committee

The Designation committee is responsible for reviewing applications for new City of Dallas landmarks and historic districts.  The Designation Committee is an advisory committee appointed by the Landmark Commission and is made up of Landmark Commissioners and citizens. The members are historians, architects, archeologists, preservation consultants and others with demonstrated background and experience in historic preservation.  The committee reviews applications for new city landmarks and assists with non-profit applications such as schools, churches and neighborhoods.  

Designation Committee recommendations are forwarded to the Landmark Commission for their consideration at the public hearing.  The Landmark Commission and City Plan Commission then make recommendations that are forwarded to the City Council for final designation approval.  

Agendas for Designation Committee hearings are posted on the open public meetings page. The Committee meets on an 'as needed' basis. 

How to designate a structure or district as a Dallas Landmark

View a list of properties currently undergoing the designation process.