Current Planning

​Current Planning

​Greenway Parks - CD #10 

​On November 8, 2017, a neighborhood committee (10 property owners) submitted a request for pre-application meetings to begin the process of potentially amending regulations in the Greenway Parks Conservation District (CD No. 10).

The Sustainable Development and Construction department held the firstof two pre-application meetings on Jannuary 22, 2018, to inform property owners of the process and to discuss issues with the current CD ordinance.

Once the neighborhood committee and property owners have discussed the proposed categories to amend and have conveyed the results to staff, the City will schedule the second pre-application meeting.

Following the two pre-applicaiton meetings, staff will provide the neighborhood committee with petitions containing language about the development standards the neighborhood would like to potentially amend.  For na example of the complete process, see the Stevens Park Conservation District amendment here.