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Request Disclosure of Your Customer Information:

Under Texas Utilities Code, Chapter 182, a government-operated utility may not disclose: (i) personal information in a customer’s account, (ii) volume or units of utility usage information or the amount billed or collected for utility usage, or (iii) account delinquency or other discontinued service or disconnection information. Personal information, as defined in Texas Utilities Code, Section 182.051, means an individual’s address, telephone number, or social security. Utility, as defined in Texas Utilities Code, Section 182.001, means an electric, gas, water, or telephone utility operated by a public or private entity.

All accounts with Dallas Water Utilities are marked as confidential and will not be shared except to the customer of record or to third parties defined in Texas Utilities Code, Section 182.054.

However, you have the right to request disclosure of certain account information. A customer may request disclosure by delivering to Dallas Water Utilities an appropriately marked form provided by the utility or any other written request for disclosure.