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The Dallas Employees' Retirement Fund and City of Dallas Fire and Police Pension Funds, 1952-1993

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CreatorDallas Employees' Retirement Fund and City of Dallas Fire and Police Pension Funds
TitleThe Dallas Employees' Retirement Fund and City of Dallas Fire and Police Pension Funds
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AbstractCorrespondence and typescript documents.
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​Scope and Content

The Dallas Employees' Retirement Fund (ERF) provides retirement, disability and death benefits to over 8,000 employees and over 4,000 retirees and their beneficiaries. The fund and the office were created by City of Dallas Ordinance numbers 3470 and 3577 in 1944.

The Dallas Police and Fire Pension System was created by the City of Dallas in 1916, and in 1933, was established under Article 6243a, Vernon’s Texas Civil Statutes. The system is administered by a 12-member board of trustees, consisting of four city councilmembers appointed by the Dallas City Council, and three active police officers, three active firefighters, one retired police officer, and one retired firefighter, all elected by the membership. The mayor chaired the Board of Trustees until 1976, and a councilmember trustee chaired the board until 1983. Since that time, the chair has been elected by the trustees from among the membership of the board.

The System is a single employer-defined benefit plan under Section 401(a) of the Internal Revenue Code of the United States.  It provides retirement, survivor, and disability benefits to the uniformed public safety employees of the City of Dallas.

A board of seven trustees governs the fund. ERF active members elect three trustees; three are appointed by Dallas City Council, and the City Auditor serves by virtue of position.  Elections for the employee elected trustees are held annually.  The elected trustees serve for two-year terms.  The Board of Trustees appoints the Executive Director of the Fund.

Collection consists of correspondence, memoranda, financial records, and reports documenting the establishment, growth, and development of the ERF.

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In 1968, patrolman Floyd Knight was slain by a gunman during a robbery and found with his paycheck in his pocket. Without forethought, the city auditor's office requested the officer's widow return $22.72 of his paycheck because unearned work time remained within the reporting period.  The story made national news and the auditor's office received numerous letters of censure and condemnation from across the United States.  Friends of the slain officer collected the amount and repaid the city.

Collection consists of correspondence regarding t​he incident. The correspondence was transferred to the Police and Fire Pension System at an unspecified date.


The collection is divided into the following series then arranged chronologically:
Annual reports
Benefit information 
Police and Fire ephemera
W. C. Watts papers 2, 1969-75
ERF papers belonging to Mr Watts
Willadene Caperton retirement party, 1994


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Container List [Original]

Box​FolderTitle, Date
  Annual reports
11ERF annual reports, 1952-54
 2ERF annual reports, 1955-57
 3ERF annual reports, 1958-60 [2 copies 1958.]
 4ERF annual reports, 1961-62 [2 copies of each.]
 5ERF annual reports, 1963 [2 copies.]
 6ERF annual reports, 1964  [3 copies.]
 7ERF annual reports, 1965  [3 copies.]
 8ERF annual reports, 1967-69 [2 copies of each.]
21ERF annual reports, 1970-71 and 1973 [2 copies 1970-71.]
 2ERF annual reports, 1978-80
 3ERF annual reports, 1982 and 1984 [2 copies of 1984.]
 4ERF annual reports, 1988
[Condensed and full.  3 copies of full.]
 5ERF annual reports, 1989 [2 copies]
 6ERF annual reports, 1990-91 
[Condensed and full 1990. Condensed 1991.]
ERF annual reports, 1992
[Condensed and full.]​
ERF annual reports, 1993
[Condensed and full.]
 9ERF annual reports, 1993 1 [3 copies]
31ERF annual reports, 1993 2 [3 copies]
ERF annual reports, 1994-95
[Condensed and full.  2 copies 1995.]
 3ERF annual reports, 1996 [3 copies.]
 4ERF annual reports, 1999 [2 copies.]
 5ERF annual reports, 2000-01
[Condensed and full 2000.  2 copies full 2000.]
ERF annual reports, 2002-03
[Condensed and full 2003.]
 7ERF annual report supplementary information, 2002-03
 8Police and Fire annual reports, 1988
 9Police and Fire annual reports, 1989
41Police and Fire annual reports, 1992
 2Police and Fire annual reports, 1993
 3Police and Fire annual reports, 1994
 4Police and Fire annual reports, 1996
 5Police and Fire annual reports, 1997
 6Police and Fire annual reports, 1998
 7Police and Fire annual reports, 2000
 8Police and Fire annual reports 1, 2001
 9Police and Fire annual reports 2, 2001
  Benefit information
 10Benefit information book, 1944 and 1957
 11Benefit information book, 1967, 1975, 1987, 1991
Police and Fire Pension Book, 1988
[The Old Plan, Plan A, Plan B.]
 2Police and Fire Pension Book, 1996
 3ERF Newsletters, 1986-2004
 4Police and Fire newsletters, 1986
 5ERF and Police and Fire ephemera
 6Report on Retiree Medical Programs, undated [Post 1979.]
  ERF papers belonging to Mr W. C. Watts
 7W. C. Watts papers 1, 1969-75
 8W. C. Watts papers 2, 1969-75
 9Willadene Caperton retirement party, 1994

Container List [Addition]

Box​FolderTitle, Date
510ERF annual reports, 1952-54
 11ERF annual reports, 1955-57