Municipal Archives



The following table shows the mayors of Dallas.  Mayors are numbered based on the actual election.  Mayors elected multiple times in non-consecutive years are counted more than once.  For example, Mayor John M Crockett, is counted as Mayor 2, 5, and 8.  Acting mayors are not counted as official mayors because they were appointed by City Hall, not elected by the public.

Mayor No.Date Name
11856-1857Samuel Burwell Pryor
John McClannahan Crockett
(First term)
31858Isaac Naylor
41858-1859Anderson Doniphan Rice
John McClannahan Crockett
(Second term)
61861J. L. Smith
71861-1862Thomas Emory Sherwood
No Mayor during Civil War
City under Military Governor of Texas
John McClannahan Crockett
(Third term)
91866John William Lane
101866-1868George William Guess
Benjamin Long
(First term)
121870-1872Henry Ervay
Benjamin Long
(Second term)
William Lewis Cabell
(First term)
151876-1877John David Kerfoot
William Lewis Cabell
(Second term)
171879-1880James M. Thurmond
181880-1881John Jay Good
191881-1883John William Crowdus
William Lewis Cabell
(Third term)
211885-1887John Henry Brown
221887-1894Winship Capers Connor
Bryan Thomas Barry
(First term)
241895-1897Franklin Pierce Holland
Bryan Thomas Barry
(Second term)
261898-1900John Henry Traylor
271900-1904Ben Elias Cabell
Bryan Thomas Barry
(Third term)
291906-1907Curtis Pendleton Smith
301907-1911Stephen John Hay
311911-1915William Meredith Holland
321915-1917Henry Dickinson Lindsley
331917-1919Joe Earl Lawther
341919-1921Frank Wilson Wozencraft
351921-1923Sawnie Robertson Aldredge
361923-1927Louis Blaylock
371927-1929Robert Eugene Burt
381929-1931John Waddy Tate
391931-1932Thomas Leonard Bradford
401931-1935Charles Edward Turner
411935-1937George William Sergeant
421937-1939George Able Sprague
431939-1947Woodall Rodgers
441947-1949James Roland Temple
451949-1951Wallace Hamilton Savage
461951-1953Jean Baptiste Adoue, Jr.
471953-1961Robert Lee Thornton
481961-1964Earle Cabell
491964-1971J. Erik Jonsson
501971-1976Wes Wise
 1976Adlene Harrison (Acting)
511977-1981Robert Folsom
521981-1983Jack Evans
531983-1987Starke Taylor
541987-1991Annette Strauss
551991-1995Steve Bartlett
561995-2001Ron Kirk
 2001Mary Poss (Acting)
572002-2007Laura Miller
582007-2011Tom Leppert
 2011Dwaine Caraway (Acting)
592011-2019Michael S. Rawlings
602019-CurrentEric Johnson