Municipal Archives

User Agreement

​The Dallas Municipal Archives is a repository of records within the City Secretary's Office that facilitates research and documents the activities and history of the government of the City of Dallas.  The Archives is open to anyone agreeing to abide by its regulations for the use of the materials.  Your signature is considered a binding promise to this agreement.  Download the user agreement here.

    1. Food and drink are not allowed in the research area.
    2. Briefcases, notebooks, binders, bags, purses, and other personal property are not permitted in the proximity of archives materials.  These items will be securely stored during your visit.
    3. Researchers may use loose sheets of paper or notepads the research area.  Materials taken from the research area may be checked prior to the researcher's departure.
    4. Pencils only may be used in the proximity of archival materials.  Ink pens of any kind are prohibited.  Personal computers and mobile phones may be used for note-taking.  Mobile phones may also be used for photographing items.  Professional photographic equipment is not allowed.
    5. Archives materials must be handled with great care, as follows:
      1. Follow the one folder at a time, one box at a time requirement, and keep collections in their existing order and arrangement.
      2. Maintain the sequence of folders within the box.
      3. Maintain the sequence of pages within the folder by turning them like the pages of a book.
      4. Align folder contents properly as you move through them; do not shake down the contents.
      5. Make no marks, erasures, or any other changes to the documents.
      6. Keep all items on the table while being used.  Place nothing in the lap or against the table.
      7. Place nothing on top of archives materials.  
      8. Do not write on top of, alter, lean on, fold anew, or trace materials.
      9. Turn pages slowly and carefully, touching only the margins if possible.
      10. Wear the gloves provided when working with photographic materials.
      11. Remove materials from boxes and open folders to use documents or to insert duplication sheets.
      12. Notify the archivist if you suspect any errors; do not address errors on your own. 
    6. Researchers must provide proper credit to the Archives on or about every item used.
    7. One-time publication use is included in the photocopy order fee and/or any emailed scans.  Additional uses must be approved by the Archives.  Students and educators may use images for classroom use.