Municipal Archives

Dallas Firsts

This list of "Firsts" is an ongoing, but not exhaustive, record of Dallas city government leaders.  Contact the Municipal Archives with further research questions.

First Name
Samuel Pryor, 1856-1857
​Police Chief
JC Arnold, 1881-1898.  Prior to his election and the department's founding, city marshals and deputies protected Dallas citizens.
​Fire Chief
WC "Bud" Connor, 1872-1883.  Prior to his election and the department's founding, firefighting was up to citizens.
​City Manager
John Edy, 1931-1935
​Female Park Board Member
Laura Yeary Smith, 1929-1931
​Female Council Member
Calvert Collins, 1957-1961
Appointed Black Male Council Member​ Cleophas Anthony "CA" Galloway, was appointed March 1967 by Mayor J. Erik Jonsson, upon the resignation of Councilmember Joe G. Moody, to complete Moody's term.
Elected Black Male Council Member George L Allen, appointed 1968, elected in 1969, served 1968-1975.   The George L. Allen Courts Building [Dallas County] is named for him.
Latina Council Member Anita Martinez, 1969-1973
Black Female Council Member
Lucy Patterson, 1973-1979
​Latino Council Member
Pedro Aguirre, 1973-1975
Appointed Female Mayor

Adlene Harrison, 1976.  Harrison served as mayor for three months in 1976 to complete the term of Wes Wise, who resigned.  She also served ​on the City Council from 1973-1977.
​Female Fire and Rescue Officer
Sherrie Clark (Wilson)
​Black Male City Manager
Richard Knight, Jr.,  1986-1990
Elected Female Mayor
Annette Strauss, 1987-1991
​Female City Manager
​Jan Hart, 1990-1993
Black Male Mayor Ron W. Kirk, 1995-2002
​​Latino Fire Chief
​Steve Abraira, 2000-2005
​​Black Fire Chief
​​Eddie Burns, 2005-2011
Black Female Police ChiefRenée Hall, 2017-2020
​Latino Police Chief 
Eddie Garcia, 2020