Municipal Archives

City of Dallas Construction and Fire Codes, 1905-1997

Collection 1991-065


Repository Dallas Municipal Archives
Office of the City Secretary
1500 Marilla Street, 5D South
Dallas, Texas 75201
Creator City of Dallas Public Works Department, Dallas Fire Department
Title City of Dallas Construction and Fire Codes
Dates 1905-1997
Quantity 3 linear feet 
Abstract Printed building and fire codes of the City of Dallas.
Identification 1991-065
Language Records are in English

Scope and Content

Printed manuals, reports, and typescript notes.

The City of Dallas Building Inspection Department enforces compliance with established construction standards, including the building code, zoning ordinances, electrical codes, plumbing codes, certain provisions of fire prevention and health ordinances, and issues permits on building activities that conform to City of Dallas ordinances.  Dallas' first building code was passed in 1875.  The Office of the Building Inspector was created in 1903, and a Building Code Committee was created in 1940.  The first fire code-related ordinance was passed in 1872, and the first electrical code was passed in 1902.  City of Dallas construction and fire codes were first written internally but later involved the adoption of universally accepted codes used throughout the United States. 

Collection consists of printed and typescript copies of City of Dallas construction codes, as well as the later-adopted Uniform Building Code and fire codes.  Also included are minutes and annual reports of City of Dallas boards related to codes.  Bound copies of codes can be considered intact; though, loose-leaf printings should be reviewed for completeness as some copies may include supplemental or replacement pages. 


The two series—Construction and Fire—are filed chronologically.


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City of Dallas Construction and Fire Codes, 1905-1997 (Box <x>, Folder <y>), Dallas Municipal Archives

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Index Terms

Building laws -- United States
Dallas -- Texas -- History
Fire prevention -- Law and legislation -- United States 

Container List

Box Folder Title, Date

Construction Codes
11Building Ordinance, City of Dallas, 1905
[fragile condition; restricted use]
2Building Code ordinance, 1911
​3​Building Code ordinance, 1911
[fragile condition; restricted use]
4Building Laws, City of Dallas, 1914
[fragile condition; restricted use]
5Building Laws, City of Dallas and Gas Ordinance, 1926 
6Contract to publish building code in book form between City of Dallas and W. E. Campbell, 1926
7Ordinance 2050, Dallas Building Code, 1929
21Ordinance 2050, Dallas Building Code, 1929 
[fragile condition; restricted use]
2Ordinance 2050, Dallas Building Code, Dorney Company, 1929 
3Ordinance 2050, Dallas Building Code, Dorney Company, 1929
[softbound 2 copies]
4Ordinance 2512, change in building code for awnings, canopies, and curtains, October 1932
5Building Code Committee minutes, 1940, 1941
6Building Code, 1947
[soft copy]
7Building Code, 1947
[soft copy]
 31Building Code, 1947
[hard copy]
2Building Code, 1951
[2 copies]
3Uniform Building Code, 1967
​4Amendment to Volume 1 of the 1967 Uniform Building Code
5​Uniform Building Code, 1967 
​6Uniform Building Code, 1967 
7​Ordinance 12138, adopting Uniform Building Code, April 23, 1968
Uniform Building Code, 1970
[bound volume; no folder]
1History of Changes to Ordinance 12138 through its repeal by Ordinance 13177, February 1, 1971
2Building Code 1, 1970
[cover-page 340]
3Building Code 2, 1970
[pages 341-back cover]
4Building Code 1, 1970
[cover-page 340]
5Building Code 2, 1970
[pages 341-back cover]
6Uniform Building Code, 1973
51Building Code 1, 1973
[cover-page 416]
2Building Code 2, 1973 [page 417-back cover]
3Building Code Standards 1, 1975
[cover-page 416; 1975 updates printed in the 1973 volume]
4Building Code Standards 2, 1975
[page 417-back cover; 1975 updates printed in the 1973 volume]
5Building Code Standards 3 - cover, 1975
6Uniform Building Code revisions, 1976
[pages 36-405]
7Uniform Mechanical Code, 1976
8Uniform Plumbing Code, 1976
61Building Code Chapter 53, July 1980
2Building Code Chapter 53, July 1980
[429-back cover]
3Building Code Chapter 53, August 1980
[preface-page 378]
4Building Code Chapter 53, August 1980 [pages 379-750]
5Amendment to Chapter 56 of Electrical Code (Ordinance 17091), August 1981
6Building Code Amendments, 1982
7Chapter 52 - Administrative Procedures, June 1982
8Chapter 52 - Administrative Procedures, August 1982
9Chapter 52 - Administrative Procedures 1, 1982 with 1983 supplements
[cover-page 408]
10Chapter 52 - Administrative Procedures 2, 1982 with 1983 supplements
[409-back cover]
71Chapter 53 - Building Code, January 1983
[cover-page 366]
2Chapter 53 - Building Code, January 1983
[pages 367-back cover]
3Chapter 52 - Administrative Procedures supplement, March 1983
4Street Building Inspection District Directory, 1986
5Uniform Mechanical Code, 1986
[adopted by Ordinance 19036]
6Uniform Building Code, 1987
[adopted by Ordinance 19389; amended by Ordinance 19450]
7Building Inspection Citizens Advisory and Appeals Board annual reports, 1986-1988
8Uniform Plumbing Code, 1988
9Uniform Mechanical Code, 1988
10Chapter 56 - Electrical Code supplement, March 1988
81Uniform Building Code, 1988
2Uniform Building Code amendments, 1990
[cover-page 592; adopted by Ordinance 20743] 
3Uniform Building Code amendments, 1990
[pages 592-back cover; adopted by Ordinance 20743] 
4Building Inspection Citizens Advisory Examining Appeals Board Annual Report, 1997
5Uniform Building Code Volume I, 1997 1
[Pages cover-1-252]
6Uniform Building Code Volume I, 1997 2
[Pages 1-253-back cover]
7Uniform Building Code Volume II, 1997 1
[Pages cover-1-252]
8Uniform Building Code Volume II, 1997 2
[Pages 1-253-back cover]
91Uniform Building Code Volume III, 1997 1
[Pages cover-1-252]
2Uniform Building Code Volume III, 1997 2
[Pages 1-253-back cover]
Uniform Building Code Volume 1, 1997
[bound volume]
Uniform Building Code Volume 2, 1997
[bound volume]
Uniform Building Code Volume 3, 1997
[bound volume]

​International Residential Code for One- and Two-Family Dwellings, 2000

Fire Code
​Fire Code, 1948

2​Fire Code, 1948

Fire Code, 1959

Fire Code, 1961

5Fire Code,  1970

Fire Code, 1973

Fire Code, 1983 

Fire Code Volume 1, 1997​
[bound volume]

Fire Code Volume 1, 1997
[bound volume]