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City of Dallas Zoning - Early Ordinances​, 1929-1965

Collection 1991-094


Repository ​Dallas Municipal Archives
Office of the City Secretary
1500 Marilla Street, 5D South
Dallas, Texas 75201
Creator City of Dallas Departments
Title City of Dallas Zoning - Early Ordinances
Dates 1929-1965
Quantity 1.3 linear feet
Abstract Documentation of early zoning regulations and ordinances for the City of Dallas​.
Identification 1991-094
Language ​​Records are in English

Scope and Content

​Collection consists of ordinances, committee meeting minutes, letters of petition and protest, and maps documenting the early work of the City Plan Commission between 1929 and 1965. Other than the minutes of the City Plan Commission, beginning in 1919, these are the oldest records of this body.

As established by the Dallas City Charter [Chapter XV, Section 3] and City Code [Section 51A-3.101], the City Plan Commission is responsible for making recommendations to the City Council regarding planning and zoning matters, and for administering Chapter 212 of the Texas Local Government Code regarding the platting and recording of subdivisions and additions. The City Plan Commission achieves its objectives for land use through planning and regulation of land development. 

The City Plan Commission of the City of Dallas was created in April 1919 by charter amendment election “to act as an advisory board to the city council or other governing body relating to all nature of public improvements, civic improvements, city planning, opening, widening and changing of streets, routing of public utilities, controlling and regulating traffic upon the public streets and ways of the City of Dallas, and other matters relating to the city improvements as the City Plan Commission and the governing body of the City of Dallas may deem beneficial to the City of Dallas.”  Its responsibilities have expanded to include commercial and residential zoning and planning for historic preservation. 


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City of Dallas Zoning - Early Ordinances​, 1929-1965 (Box <x>, Folder <y>), Dallas Municipal Archives

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Container List

BoxItemTitle, Date
11Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance 4047 as amended by Ordinance 4139, September 1947
2Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance 4047 as amended by Ordinances 4139, 4238, and 4240, 1948
3Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance 4047 as amended by 4139, 4238, 4240, 4328, and 4487, 1949
Zoning classifications, 1948
Zoning classifications for Ordinance 5238, 1951
6Zoning Ordinance 5238, 1951
7Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance, bound copy, 1951
Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance, bound copy, 1951 (copy 2)
9Amendments to basic zoning ordinances, undated
Liquor licenses, 1945
11Platting rules, 1946 -1947
Cleaning and pressing establishments, Ordinance 3949, 1946
13Ordinance 2052, amended by Ordinance 3891 and superseded by Ordinance 3949 [dry cleaning ordinance], 1947
14Ordinance 3882 [automatic laundries and washaterias​], 1946
15Excerpt from Ordinance 3311, undated
16Ordinance 3693 [dance hall ordinance], 1945 superseding previous Ordinances 2919, 2939, 3172, and 3502, includes and superseded by Ordinance 6906
17Ordinance 3266 emergency for newly annexed territory, 1941
House trailers and campers ordinance 3352, 1943
19Ordinance 2052 amended by Ordinances 2126, 2496, 2622, 3007, 3179, 3450, 3510, 3568, 3662, and 3705, 1929
Memorandum from city attorney regarding abandonment of legal non-conforming use sent to members of the Board of Adjustment by Guy L. Nevill,​ 1946
Ordinances 6641, 7230, and 7462 regarding manufacturing district regulations
22Proposed Zoning Ordinance-copy for public hearings November-December, 1962
21City Plan Commission proposed master plan and zoning ordinances, 1928-1930
2Zoning facts compiled for board of city planning commissioners, Los Angeles, California, 1928
Proposed zoning ordinance preliminary copy and map, undated
4Appendix A minutes on zoning hearings, by City Engineer E.A. Wood
5Index of informal hearing, Kessler plan, [ca. 1929]
Zoning protests, 1929
7Minutes of the special executive session of the Zoning Commission held in regard to the zoning of the newly annexed territory to the City of Dallas, 1930
Zoning Commission announcement of public hearings for comprehensive zoning maps, 1929
Zoning protests and petitions, Victor Street between Glasgow and Slaughter Streets, 1929
10Case 4-Gasoline and oil station at southeast corner of McKinney Avenue and Fitzhugh Avenue, 1929
Case 10-Residence of Mount Auburn addition supporting brick stores at the southwest corner of Lindsley and Cameron Streets, 1929
12Case 12-1929, Travis Street between Knox and Frank Streets, 1929
13Case 13-Forest Avenue and Holmes Streets, 1929
14Case 20-Elsbeth and Davis Streets, 1929
15Case 24-Reiger, Victor and Glasgow Streets, 1928-1929
16Case 25-Bishop and Melba Streets, 1929
17Case 27-Lower Greenville Avenue, 1929
18Case 30-West Jefferson Boulevard between Marlborough Avenue and Oak Cliff Boulevard, 1929
Case 33-Cole Avenue to Fitzhugh Avenue, 1929
20Case 48-Cedar Springs Road, 1929
21Case 57-Greenville Avenue; Case 59-Oak Grove, Haskell, and Blackburn Streets, 1929
22Case 64-Tilden Street to Kessler Boulevard, 1929
23Case 60-Warren Street; Case 61-Davis Street; Case 62-Rosemont Avenue, 1929
24Case 70-Belmont and Greenville Avenues; Case 84-Forest Avenue, 1929
Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance 10962 (file 65-1849) with resolution and supporting documents, March 29, 1965
Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance 10962 [photocopy], 1965
Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance10962 corrected copy by resolution 65-3837, July 12, 1965
4Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance 5238, April 20, 1964
5Report on zoning ordinance submitted to revision committee, April 20, 1964
41Zoning Commission Minutes, April 22 to May 29, 1929
2Zoning maps numbers 1-20, 1929
Zoning maps numbers 21-53, 1929