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Dallas Boards and Commissions History, 1971-1991

Collection 1991-130


Office of the City Secretary
Dallas Municipal Archives
1500 Marilla Street, 5D South
Dallas, Texas 75201
CreatorOffice of the City Secretary
TitleDallas Boards and Commissions History
Quantity1.74 linear feet
AbstractManuscript typescript and photocopies.
LanguageRecords are in English

Scope and Content

The collection includes historical background on boards and commissions both active and defunct.  The collection was compiled by Robert S. Sloan, Assistant City Secretary of the City of Dallas 1968-1975, and City Secretary 1976-1999.  Although many are still active, some of the commissions and boards were dissolved as a result of “sunset” or effectiveness review and no longer exist.

The collection primarily consists of copies of ordinances and resolutions creating boards and commissions, bylaws, internal memoranda concerning the appointment and resignation of board and commission members, and membership rosters.  In some instances, a brief history of the board or commission was written by Sloan.  Membership rosters and appointment/resignation records were kept in separate files from 1985 to 1991.


The collection is arranged into the following series: 

•  Alphabetic and numeric master indexes to boards and commissions, including histories  
Rosters, Bylaws, and Memoranda


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Dallas Boards and Commissions History, 1971-1991 (Box <x>, Folder <y>), Dallas Municipal Archives

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Index Terms

Dallas -- Officials and employees -- Appointment, qualifications, tenure, etc.
Dallas -- Texas -- History
Municipal government -- Texas -- Dallas

Container List 

Box Folder Title, Date
   Master Index and Boards and Commissions Histories 
Binder, Ca. 1971-1972

Title Page/Tab
Action Committee for Community Improvement 12
Adjustment, Board of B
Advisory Public Health Board A
Aging, Committee on 14
Airport Board R
Animal Control Advisory Board 13
Board of Adjustment B
Board of Electricians 2
Board of Equalization Z
Building Code Advisory and Appeals Board 5
City-County Civil Defense and Disaster Commission C
City County Committee on Mental Retardation 17
City County Crime Lab Board 15
City County Flood Control Board 16
City Plan Commission E
Civil Defense Community Shelter Plan, Policy Council 18
Civil Defense and Disaster Commission C
Civil Defense and Disaster Commission, Executive Committee C
Civil Service Board D
Committee on Aging 14
Committee for Community Improvement 12
Committee on Environmental Quality Q
Committee on Mental Retardation 17
Community Action Committee 8
Community Improvement, Action Committee For 12
Community Radio Watch Council 1
Community Shelter Plan, Civil Defense Policy Council 18
Crime Lab Board 15
Criminal Justice Council 19
Crossroads Community Service Center Board F
Dallas Area Criminal Justice Council 19
Dallas County Community Action Committee 8
Dallas Fire Council 4
Dallas-Fort Worth Airport Board R
Dallas Housing Authority V
Dallas Mosquito Control. Coordinating Committee 20
Dallas Public Transit Board I
Disaster Commission, Civil Defense and C
Drug Abuse Council S
Education Authority U
Electricians, Board of 2
Employees Retirement Fund Board P
Environmental Quality Committee Q
Equalization, Board of Z
Executive Committee, Civil Defense and Disaster Commission C
Explosives Appeals Board 3
Fire Council 4
Flood Control Board 16
Fund Solicitation Board 6
Greater Dallas Mosquito Control Coordinating Committee 20
Health Board, Advisory Public A
Higher Education Authority U
Historical Monuments Commission W
Housing Authority of the City of Dallas, Texas V
Housing Standards Board N
Library Board H
Mental Retardation, City-County Committee on 17
Mosquito Control Coordinating Committee 20
Motion Picture Classification Board G
Municipal Radio Board L
Park and Recreation Board J
Pension Board, Police and Fire T
Plumbing Appeals Board 21
Police and Fire Pension Board T
Police and Fire Welfare Board Y
Policy Council for Civil Defense Community Shelter Plan 18
Proprietary School Board K
Public Health Board A
Public Information Commission 7
Public Library Board of Trustees H
Public Transit Board I
Radio Commission L
Radio Watch Council 1
Regional Airport Board R
Retirement Board, Police and Fire T
Retirement Fund Board, Employees P
School Children Safety Committee 0
Solicitation Board 6
Sports Commission M
Transit Board I
Urban Rehabilitation Standards Board N
Water Supply Planning Advisory Board 22
Welfare Board, Police and Fire Y
Zoning Commission E

Binder, 1985-1987

Name Page/Tab
Animal Shelter Advisory Committee 1
Board of Adjustment 2
Citizens-Police Relations Board 3
City Plan and Zoning Commission 4
Civil Service Board 5
Community Development Advisory Board 6
Dallas Area Rapid Transit Board 7
Dallas Cable Television Board 8
Dallas County Community Action Committee 9
Economic Development Advisory Board 10
Environmental Health Commission 11
Health Facilities Development Corporation 12
Housing Finance Corporation Board 13
Human Services Commission 14
Industrial Development Corporation Board 15
Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Center Board 16
Metropolitan Hospital Authority Board 17
Motion Picture Classification Board 18
Municipal Library Advisory Board 19
Park and Recreation Board 20
Permit and License Appeal Board 21
Sign Control Board of Adjustment 22
Urban Rehabilitation Standards Board 23
Community Corrections Advisory Committee 24
Dallas Housing Authority Board 25
Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport Board 26
Building Code Advisory and Appeals Board 27
Citizens Safety Advisory Committee 28
Electrical Code Examining/Advisory Appeals Board 29
Fire Code Advisory and Appeals Board 30
Fund Solicitation Board 31
Plumbing/Mechanical Code Advisory and Appeals Board [no page number]
Cable Access of Dallas, Inc. Board [no page number]
Housing and Economic Development Corporation [no page number]
Landmark Commission [no page number]
Dallas Appraisal District [no page number]
   Boards and commissions histories, 1987-1989, 1989-1991
31Document Numbers, Chairs, Ordinances, Memoranda, and Resolutions, 1987-1989
 2Boards and Commissions Rosters, Bylaws, and Memoranda, 1987-1989:  Animal Shelter Advisory Board Cultural Affairs Commission
 3Dallas County Community Action Committee-Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport
 4Economic Development Advisory Board-Health Facilities Development Corporation
 5Human Services Commission-Motion Picture Classification Board
 6Park and Recreation Board-Electrical Code Examining/Advisory and Appeals Board
 7Fire Code Advisory and Appeals Board-Dallas Central Appraisal District
 8Ordinances and Resolutions Regarding Boards and Commissions, Chairs, and Staff Contacts, 1989-1991
 9Boards and Commissions Rosters, Bylaws, and Memoranda, 1989-1991:  Animal Shelter Advisory Committee through Civil Service Board
 10Dallas Area Rapid Transit Board
   Boards and Commissions Rosters, Bylaws, and Memoranda, 1989-1991
41Dallas Central Appraisal District through Employees Retirement Fund Board
 2Fair Park/South Dallas Trust Fund Advisory Board
 3Housing Finance Corporation Board through Redistricting Commission
 4Reinvestment Zone Number One Board through Senior Affairs Commission
 5Urban Rehabilitation Standards Board through Plumbing/Mechanical Code Advisory and Appeals Board
 6Dallas Housing Authority Board through Railtran