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​Dallas City Code Chapter 51 Maps, 1989

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CreatorDallas City Council
TitleDallas City Code Chapter 51 Maps
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Scope and Content

The Civil and Criminal Ordinances passed by the Dallas City Council are codified as Dallas City Code.  The additions and modifications reflected in the code give a historical view of the changes in the laws of the community.

In 1964, Dallas City Council signed into effect the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance and Map Delineating the Various Use Districts.  This information came to be known as Chapter 51A, and the purpose of it was to encourage the sound, long-range development of the city and to promote the public health, safety, and welfare.  It set forth policies to govern the future physical development of the city and served as a guide to all future city council action concerning land use and development regulations, urban conservation and rehabilitation programs, and expenditures for capital improvements. 

Furthermore, Chapter 51A was aimed at lessening the congestion in the streets;  securing safety from fire, panic and other dangers; providing adequate light and air; preventing the overcrowding of land, avoiding undue concentration of population; and  facilitating the adequate provision of transportation, water, sewerage, schools, parks, and other public requirements.  Consideration was given to the character of the district and its peculiar suitability for the particular uses specified and to conserving the value of buildings and encouraging the most appropriate use of land throughout the City. 

Chapter 51A divided the City of Dallas into twenty-eight zoning districts which were then further subdivided into sub-districts, as appropriate.  The twenty-eight districts are notated on the maps of this collection using the following information:

R-1:  Single Family Dwelling District 1 acre
R-1/2:  Single Family Dwelling District 1/2 acre
R-16:  Single Family Dwelling District 16,000 square feet
R-13:  Single Family Dwelling District 13,000 square feet
R-10:  Single Family Dwelling District 10,000 square feet
R-7.5:  Single Family Dwelling District 7,500 square feet
R-5:  Single Family Dwelling District 5,000 square feet
2F-1:  Two Family Dwelling District 1
2F-2:  Two Family Dwelling District 2
MF-1:  Multiple Family Dwelling District 1
MF-2:  Multiple Family Dwelling District 2
MF-3:  Multiple Family Dwelling District 3
MF-4:  Multiple Family Dwelling District 4
PD:  Planned Development District
MH:  Mobile Home District
A:  Agricultural District
P:  Parking District
O:  Office District
NS:  Neighborhood Service District
SC:  Shopping Center District
GR:  General Retail District
LC:  Light Commercial District
CA-1:  Central Area· District ·1
CA-2:  Central Area District 2
HC:  Heavy Commercial District
I-1:  Industrial District 1
I-2:  Industrial District 2
I-3:  Industrial District 3

Information taken from the Dallas City Code. For further information on Chapter 51-A of the City Code or city zoning, contact the Open Records Center in the Office of the City Secretary.


The collection is organized numerically by map sheet number.


Permission to publish, reproduce, distribute, or use by any and all other current or future developed methods or procedures must be obtained in writing from the Dallas Municipal Archives. All rights are reserved and retained regardless of current or future development or laws that may apply to fair use standards.


Dallas City Code Chapter 51 Maps, 1989 (Box <x>, Folder <y>), Dallas Municipal Archives

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Zoning Map, A-5, 1989
C31Zoning Map, A-6, 1989
1Zoning Map, A-7, 1989
Zoning Map, A-8, 1989
Zoning Map, AA-5, 1989
​Zoning Map, AA-6, 1989
​Zoning Map, AA-7, 1989
​Zoning Map, AA-8, 1989
C31Zoning Map, B-2, 1989
C31Zoning Map, B-3, 1989
C31Zoning Map, B-4, 1989
C31Zoning Map, B-6, 1989
C31Zoning Map, B-7, 1989
C31Zoning Map, B-8, 1989
C31Zoning Map, C-2, 1989
C31Zoning Map, C-3, 1989
C31Zoning Map, C-4, 1989
C31Zoning Map, C-6, 1989
C31Zoning Map, C-7, 1989
C31Zoning Map, C-8, 1989
C31Zoning Map, C-9, 1989
C32Zoning Map, D-10, 1989
C32Zoning Map, D-2, 1989
C32Zoning Map, D-3, 1989
C32Zoning Map, D-4, 1989
C32Zoning Map, D-5, 1989
C32Zoning Map, D-6, 1989
C32Zoning Map, D-7, 1989
C32Zoning Map, D-8, 1989
C32Zoning Map, D-9, 1989
C32Zoning Map, E-4, 1989
C32Zoning Map, E-5, 1989
C33Zoning Map, E-6, 1989
C33Zoning Map, E-7, 1989
C33Zoning Map, E-8, 1989
C33Zoning Map, E-9, 1989
C33Zoning Map, E-10, 1989
C33Zoning Map, F-4, 1989
C33Zoning Map, F-5, 1989
C33Zoning Map, F-6, 1989
C33Zoning Map, F-7, 1989
C33Zoning Map, F-8, 1989
C33Zoning Map, F-9, 1989
C33Zoning Map, F-10, 1989
C33Zoning Map, F-11, 1989
C33Zoning Map, G-4, 1989
C33Zoning Map, G-5, 1989
C33Zoning Map, G-6, 1989
C33Zoning Map, G-7, 1989
C33Zoning Map, G-8, 1989
C33Zoning Map, G-9, 1989
C33Zoning Map, G-10, 1989
C33Zoning Map, G-11, 1989
C33Zoning Map, G-12, 1989
C34Zoning Map, H-4, 1989
C34Zoning Map, H-5, 1989
C34Zoning Map, H-6, 1989
C34Zoning Map, H-7, 1989
C34Zoning Map, H-8, 1989
C34Zoning Map, H-9, 1989
C34Zoning Map, H-10, 1989
C34Zoning Map, H-11, 1989
C34Zoning Map, H-12, 1989
C34Zoning Map, I-4, 1989
C34Zoning Map, I-5, 1989
C34Zoning Map, I-6, 1989
C34Zoning Map, I-7, 1989
C34Zoning Map, I-8, 1989
C34Zoning Map, I-9, 1989
C34Zoning Map, I-10, 1989
C34Zoning Map, I-11, 1989
C34Zoning Map, J-4, 1989
C34Zoning Map, J-5, 1989
C34Zoning Map, J-6, 1989
C34Zoning Map, J-7, 1989
C34Zoning Map, J-8, 1989
C34Zoning Map, J-9, 1989
C34Zoning Map, J-10, 1989
C34Zoning Map, J-11, 1989