Municipal Archives

Portraits of Park Board Members, 1905-1939

​Collection 1992-018


Office of the City Secretary
Dallas Municipal Archives
1500 Marilla Street, 5D South
Dallas, Texas 75201
Creator Dallas Park and Recreation Department
Title Dallas Park and Recreation Board Portraits
Dates 1905-1939
Quantity 1.25 linear feet (3 boxes)
Abstract Photos and negatives.
Identification 1992-018
Language Records are in English

Scope and Content

Vintage prints were created for the Park and Recreation Department and displayed periodically in departmental offices and meeting rooms.

Portraits were transferred to the City Archives on April 15, 1992.  A conservation project was initiated which included removal of the original wood frames and rehousing in acid-free envelopes and boxes.  Original matting materials were removed.  Oval mattes with portrait identification were retained.  All other highly acidic materials were discarded.  Copy negatives were created for preservation and reproduction.


The collection is arranged alphabetically.  Negatives, housed in Box 3, are arranged by negative number.  Frames have been wrapped and stored at the request of the Park and Recreation Department.


Permission to publish, reproduce, distribute, or use by any and all other current or future developed methods or procedures must be obtained in writing from the Dallas Municipal Archives.  All rights are reserved and retained regardless of current or future development or laws that may apply to fair use standards.


Portraits of Park Board Members, 1905-1939 (Box <x>, Folder <y>), Dallas Municipal Archives

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Index Terms

Dallas -- Texas -- History
Dallas (Tex.). Park and Recreation Department

Container List

Box Folder Title, Date
   Baker through Kiest
11M. N. Bake, May 1905-November 1917
 2Bryan T. Barry, May 1905-May 1906
 3L. Blaylock, May 1923-1927
 4S. H. Boren, September 1915 to May 1917
 5Murrell L. Buckner, May 1908 to July 1912
 6R. E. Burt, May 1927 to May 1929
 7Sam P. Cochran November 1917 to May 1919
 8W. O. Connor, May 1905 to May 1906
 9G. William Dealey, June 1930 to May 1931
 10J. J. Eckford, May 1905 to May 1908
 11Emil Fretz, November 1905 to May 1927
 12E. J. (Ward) Gannon, May 1931 to May 1935
 13Harry E. Gordon, May 1935 to [?]
 14W. A. Green, May 1917 to May 1919
 15S. J. Hay, May 1907 to May 1911
 16W. M. Holland, May 1911 to May 1915
 17Edgar Hurst, May 1919 to May 1923 and May 1927 to May 1931
 18Ben Irelson, May 1906 to May 1908
 19Hugh January, May 1929 to May 1908
 20Edwin J. Kiest, May 1931 to May 1935
   Lawther through Wozencraft
21Joe E. Lawther, May 1917 to May 1919
 2W. J. Lawther, May 1928 to May 1929
 3J. E. Lee, May 1927 to May 1929
 4Henry D. Lindsley, May 1915 to May 1917
 5C. A. Mangold, May 1919 to May 1923
 6F. K. McGinnis, May 1927 to May 1931
 7S. E. Moss, May 1923 - May 1927
 8Grady Niblo, May 1927 to 1929
 9Gordon E. Perry, May 1931 to May 1935
 10Edgar Pike, May 1908 to May 1919
 11John J. Simmons, October 1912 to June 1915
 12Curtis P. Smith, May 1906 to May 1907
 13Laura Yeary Smith, May 1929 to May 1931
 14R. D. Suddarth, May 1931 to May 1935
 15J. D. Sullivan, May 1935 to May 1939
 16J. Waddy Tate, May 1929 to May 1931
 17Harvey S. Trewitt, May 1923 to May 1927
 18Martin Weiss, May 1935 to May 1937
 19Fred Wilson, May 1919 to May 1921
 20Frank W. Wozencraft, May 1919 to May 1921
   Copy Negatives (4" X 5") Includes Contact Print
3 92-018/001 Frank W. Wozencraft
  92-018/002 W. O. Connor
  92-018/003 S. J. Hay
  92-018/004 S. J. Boren
  92-018/005 W. J. Lawther
  92-018/006 Edgar Hurst
  92-018/007 C. A. Mangold
  92-018/008 R. D. Suddarth
  92-018/009 Laura Yeary Smith
  92-018/010 Grady Niblo
  92-018/011 Murrell L. Buckner
  92-018/012 J. M. White
  92-018/013 W. A. Green
  92-018/014 F. K. McGinnis
  92-018/015 Edgar Pike
  92-018/016 R. E. Burt
  92-018/017 G. William Dealey
  92-018/018 Joe E. Lawther
  92-018/019 Sam P. Cochran
  92-018/020 Curtis P.Smith
  92-018/021 M. L. Baker
  92-018/022 Ben Irelson
  92-018/023 John J. Simmons
  92-018/024 Fred Wilson
  92-018/025 W. M. Holland
  92-018/026 J. Waddy Tate
  92-018/027 Emil Fretz
  92-018/028 Henry D. Lindsley
  92-018/029 E. Gordon Perry
  92-018/030 E. J. (Ward) Gannon
  92-018/031 J. E. Lee
  92-018/032 J. J. Eckford
  92-018/033 Edwin J. Kiest
  92-018/034 S. E. Moss
  92-018/035 J. D. Sullivan
  92-018/036 Martin Weiss
  92-018/037 L. Blaylock
  92-018/038 Harry E. Gordon
  92-018/039 Bryan Barry
  92-018/040 Hugh January
  92-018/041 Harvey S. Trewitt