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White Rock Lake General Subject Files, 1921-1991

​Collection 1995-022


Office of the City Secretary
Dallas Municipal Archives
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Dallas, Texas 75201
CreatorPark and Recreation Department
TitleWhite Rock Lake General Subject Files
Quantity 2 linear feet
Addition 1 -  2.7 linear feet
AbstractCorrespondence, memoranda, architectural plans and drawings, and photographic prints documenting the creation and development of White Rock Lake and White Rock Lake Park, Dallas, Texas.
LanguageRecords are in English

Scope and Content

Correspondence, memoranda, architectural plans and drawings, and photographic prints documenting the creation and development of White Rock Lake and White Rock Lake Park, Dallas, Texas.

White Rock Lake is a 1015-acre urban lake owned by the City of Dallas. Its main entrance is located at 8300 East Lawther Drive. and includes a variety of outdoor activities, including a 9.33-mile hike and bike trail, an Audubon Society-designated bird watching area and wetlands site, picnic areas, and three rental facilities (Winfrey Point, the Dreyfuss Club, and Big Thicket).  The lake also includes fishing piers, sailing facilities (Corinthian Sailing Club), and a meeting and event facility, the White Rock Bath House Cultural Center, located at 521 E. Lawther Drive.

The lake is fed by nine tributaries, including White Rock Creek, and was created as a reservoir for the City of Dallas.  The City of Dallas purchased the land for White Rock Lake between 1907 and 1910; construction began in the spring of 1910 and was completed in the fall of 1911.  Supervision of the parkland of White Rock Lake was transferred from Dallas Water Utilities to the Dallas Park Board in 1929 when White Rock Lake Park was created.


The collection is arranged both by subject matter and chronology.  It contains oversized materials.


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White Rock Lake General Subject Files, 1921-1991 (Box <x>, Folder <y>), Dallas Municipal Archives

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Container List

Box Folder Title, Date
11Letter, White Rock Lake to become a park, May 26, 1921
2General Subject File "A-C"
 3General Subject File "D"
 4General Subject File "E-F"
 5General Subject File "M-P"
 6General Subject File "R-W"
 7Amusement privileges, 1941
 8Angler's Club
 9Accidents, 1940-1942
 10Drowning Martha Jane Francisco - Drowned White Rock Beach, July 23, 1950
 11Drowning William. A. King - Heart Attack at White Rock Beach
 12Drowning Frank DeRosa (US Military Service) Accident - White Rock
Buckner Boulevard
 14Boat Houses - Municipal Boat Houses
 15Boat Repair Shop
21Boat Houses - Private, 1942-1953
 2Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Camp, 1941-1948
 3Bank Sloping and Guard Rails (CCC)
4Big Thicket Inn (CCC)
 5Columbian Club
 6Camp Sites No. 2 to 29 - Removal from White Rock, 1940
 7Camp Sites No. 30 to 59A - Removal from White Rock, 1940
31Camp Sites No. 60 to 108 - Removal from White Rock, 1940
2Camping Privileges - White Rock
 3City Farm - White Rock, Prison Labor
 4Prison Labor, 1943-1947
 5Camps - General - White Rock
 6Development and Improvement, 1932-1936
 7Doran Point Concession
 8Dallas Power and Light (White Rock) and Bachman Lake
 9White Rock Dreyfuss Camp
41White Rock Fish Hatchery Constructed, 1930
 2Fish Hatchery, 1931-1949
 4Garden Clubs
 5Gasoline use, 1936-1942
 6Golf Course, 1926-1939
 7Investigations - removal of fish, 1938
 8Motor Boats, 1938-43
 9Motor Boats, 1939-1948
 10White Rock Nature Trail, 1937-1940
 11News Boys Club, Kiwanis Club, 1929-1936
 12Parking Areas
51White Rock Petition - Removal Rough Fish, 1951
 2White Rock Paving Job - N. P. Turner
 3Piers, 1935
 4Sailing Club (White Rock), includes Dining Hall, 1930-1943
 5Soil Conservation, 1936-1946
 6Spur Track, 1939-1940
 7T and P Club
 8Winfrey Point
 9Fifth Ferrying Command White Rock - Winfrey Point Fire Building, 1941-1944
Study for White Rock Lake, Texas Technical College, 1959

Oversized Plans and Drawings

Container List for Addition 1

Title, Date
61Bachman Lake, 1953

2Bath House 1, correspondence, reports, Dallas Obedience School rental, 1971-1977 [OS]

3Bath House 2, correspondence, reports, landscape plans, sidewalk improvements, 1978-1984 [OS]

4Big Thicket clubhouse rental, 1955-1967

5Boathouse concessions bids, undated

6Boathouse forms, 1951-1958

7Boathouse removal, 1953

8Boathouses 1, 1940-1949

9Boathouses 2, 1940-1949

10Boathouses 3, 1950-1959
 11Boathouses 4, 1950-1959
 12Buildings rentals, 1952-1959
 13Citizens programs, correspondence, reports, by-laws, Charter of Dallas Zoological Society, 1955-1976
71Club buildings, 1947-1955
 2Coca-Cola machines, 1948-1958
3Concerts, 1974
 4Correspondence 1, 1932 [OS]
 5Correspondence 2, 1946-1947
 6Correspondence 3, 1949-1952
 7Correspondence 4, 1955-1959
8Correspondence 5, 1961-1964
 9Correspondence 6, 1965

10Correspondence 7, 1968
 11Correspondence 8, 1969-1970

12Correspondence 9, 1971-1974
1Correspondence 10, 1975
 2Correspondence 11, 1975-1977
 3Correspondence 12, 1978
 4Correspondence 13, 1979

5Correspondence 14, 1980
 6Correspondence 15, 1981
7Correspondence 16, 1982
 8Correspondence 17, 1983-1984
Correspondence 18, 1985-1990
10Correspondence 19, 1991
91Correspondence 20, 1968-1972
[Races, walks, and events]
2Correspondence 21, 1973-1974
[Races, walks, and events]
3Correspondence 22, 1975
[Races, walks, and events]
4Correspondence 23, 1976
[Races, walks, and events]
5Correspondence 24, 1977
[Races, walks, and events]
6Dallas Sailing Club, 1946-1956
7Dirt removal, 1955-1957
 8Doran Point correspondence, leases, 1956-1975
 9Dredging, 1970-1975
 10Easements (sewer), 1973-1974
 11Employment applications, 1952-1958
 12Fish hatchery map, 1955 [OS]
13Fish management, 1968-1980
101Flagpole Hill, 1967
 2Hay baling correspondence, receipts, 1947-1954
 3HL Hunt, 1972-1973
 4Huvelle Building reservations, 1942-1954
 5Improvements 1, [Goals for White Rock Lake, streets, sewer lines, curbs, landscaping], 1968-1970
 6Improvements 2, [soil boring, dredging, water easement map], 1971-1974 [OS]
 7Improvements 3, [storm drainage map, roadside museum, ramps, spillway, beautification], 1975 [OS]
8Improvements 4, undated
 9Johnny Williams boat contracts, 1951-1958
 10Lake cleanup, 1991
 11Lake Lavon, 1982
 12Maps and plans including East White Rock Area, Skillman/Walling neighborhood, White Rock Lake, 1954, 1964 [OS]
13Mooring permits, 1981-1988
 14Police reports 1, 1966-1972
 15Police reports 2, 1972
111Police reports 3, 1973
2Police reports 4, 1974

3​Prison escape records, 1946-1953​
 4Prisoners' work reports, 1947-1953
 5Recreational agreements, 1956
 6Reports, 1955-1991
[Lists of trees and flowers, White Rock Lake Boat Ramp Project report, lists of Dallas clubs, equestrian services report, White Rock Lake District Worker-Year Study, Proposed Circulation Plan, A Study for Whiterock Lake Park [sic] 1979, 1991, undated
 7Skis and surfboards, 1951-1953
 8Soil tests, 1968-1970
9Town Lake Environmental Awareness Study, 1973
10Trails 1, 1956
 11Trails 2, 1967-1974, undated
 12Trails 3, 1977-1982

13​​Trees, 1977
121Transfers, 1946-1947
 2Trinity River Green Belt and Elm Fork, Southwest Modler's Association Plan for Trinity River Radio Control Flying Site, 1976-1979
 3Trinity River Map [hand-drawn], undated
 4Water levels, 1948-1964
 5White Rock Boat Club, Inc. Financial Statements, 1964-1965
 6White Rock Lake dam correspondence, reports, 1976-1978
 7Winfrey Point - Flagpole Hill footing plan, pole location, correspondence, 1966-1971 [OS]