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Dallas Department of Park and Recreation Construction and Concessions, 1923-1940

​Collection 1995-026


Office of the City Secretary
Dallas Municipal Archives
1500 Marilla Street, 5D South
Dallas, Texas 75201
CreatorDallas Park and Recreation Department
TitleDallas Department of Park and Recreation Construction and Concessions
Quantity2 linear feet
AbstractBids for Dallas Park Department Construction and Concessions.
LanguageRecords are in English

Scope and Content

Collection contains bids and job specifications for products and services utilized in the development of the Dallas Park and Recreation Department’s system of parks, golf courses, and other recreational facilities.  Both construction bids and commodity bids are represented. 

Goods or commodity bidding is bidding by a business to be the supplier of goods such as pool towels or park benches.  Construction bidding is the process of submitting a proposal (tender) to undertake, or manage the undertaking of, a construction project.  The process starts with a cost estimate of materials and labor.

The collection includes a wide variety of letterhead correspondence, providing insight into firms doing business with the City of Dallas during the 1920s and 1930s.  It also provides evidence of the materials used in park construction projects.


Collection is organized by job package.


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Dallas Department of Park and Recreation Construction and Concessions, 1923-1940 (Box <x>,Folder <y>), Dallas Municipal Archives

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Container List

BoxFolderTitle, Date
11Cars, 1929
 2Trucks, 1929
 3Cars, 1930
 4Alamo Park wiring, 1925
 5Trucks, 1931
 6Small parks and Kennie Taylor's stand, 1938
 7Playground apparatus, 1930–1931
 8Playground apparatus, 1930
 9Cars, 1930
 10Four-door sedans – White Rock, 1930
 11Bathing suits, 1930
 12Bathing suits, 1931
 13Park benches, 1930
 14Concessions, 1938-1939
 15Benches, 1929
 16Ferris Plaza, 1938–1939
 17Negro parks concessions, 1938 - 1939
 18Craddock Park, 1924
 19City Park – greenhouse, 1932
 20Pipe and fittings, 1930
 21Wading pools, 1924, 1928
 22Walks, 1929
 23Comfort stations – Herndon and Wahoo Parks, 1932
 24City Park - lighting system, 1921
 25Buckner Park
  26Cole Park
  27Coal, 1929
  28Blaylock Drive curb, 1922
  29Craddock Park comfort station, 1925
  30Ferris Plaza concessions, 1935
  31Wading pool fences, 1930
  32Wading pool fences, 1924.
  33Randall Park pool fence, 1928
  34Fair Park paving – Exposition Avenue through Park, 1926
  35Fair Park Auditorium heating and ventilating, 1925
  36Fair Park Auditorium electrical, 1925
  37Fair Park Auditorium construction, 1925
  38Museum cases, 1936
  39Fair Park pool filtration, 1926
  40Fair Park pool, 1926
  41Ferris Plaza wiring for fountain, 1924
  42Chlorination – Fair Park pool, 1930
  43Hay and oats, 1930
  44Hay, 1929
  45Gill Well curb and gutter, 1927
  46Steel lockers – golf course, 1924
  47Grauwyler – shelter-museum, 1932
  48Kiest Park field house, 1932
  49Kiest Park walks and paving, 1932–1933
  50Kiest Park paving bids, 1934
  51Kiest Park water line, 1932
  52Hall Street – bath house, 1929
  53City Park well house, 1930
21Lake Cliff pool – laundry concessions, 1923-1924
  2Laundry [pools] – 1922 - 1940
  3Lake Cliff "rose house," 1930
  4Lagow Park shelter house, 1931
  5Curb, gutter, and walks – Blaylock Drive, 1923
  6Lake Cliff drink stand, 1929
  7Lake Cliff – shelter over pool, 1925
  8Lake Cliff – bath house painting, 1925
  9Lake Cliff – awning over pool, 1924
  10Lake Cliff – additions and shelter, 1925
  11Lake Cliff – walks at Zang and Colorado, 1925
  12Lake Cliff – chlorination, 1928
  13Lake Cliff – retaining wall, 1929
  14Lake Cliff – retaining wall, 1929 (2)
  15Lake Cliff – retaining wall, 1929 (3)
  16Lake Cliff – shelter over pool, 1925
  17Lake Cliff – shelter over pool, 1925 (2)
  18Lake Cliff – shelter over pool, 1925 (3)
  19Lake Cliff – shelter over pool, 1925 (4)
  20Lake Cliff – shelter over pool, 1925 (5)
  21Marsalis Park drives, 1933
  22Marsalis Park keeper's house, 1934
  23Forest Park [Marsalis] concrete bridge, 1924
  24Forest Park [Marsalis] wading pool, 1924
  25Marsalis Park miniature golf course lighting, 1930
  26Marsalis Park curbs and gutters, 1928
  27Marsalis Park lighting system, 1928
  28Playground apparatus, 1931
  29Mowers, 1928
  30Pipes and fittings for tennis courts, 1929
  31Pike Park retaining wall, 1925
  32Oak Grove Golf Course clubhouse lockers, 1923
  33Oak Grove Golf Course plumbing, 1923
  34Reverchon Park walks along Maple Avenue, 1928
  35Randall Park comfort stations, 1924
  36Reverchon Park drink stand, 1928
  37Wading pool fences, 1930
  38Drinking fountains [including McClellan Memorial Fountains], 1933
  39Laundry concessions, 1925-1937
  40Turtle Creek Boulevard curbs and gutters, 1925
  41Tietze Park rock, 1931
  42Reverchon Park grandstand and comfort station, 1924
  43Reverchon Park wiring, 1925
  44Shelter houses – Kiest, Lake Cliff, Stevens, 1934
  45Storage station, 1923
  46House removal, 3116 Nussbaumer, 1929