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Citizen Homelessness Commission​​​

The Citizen Homelessness Commission (CHC) is an advisory body, the purpose of this commission is to assure participation from, and inclusion of, all stakeholders, including those with past or present experience with homelessness, to develop policy recommendations to ensure alignment of city services with regional services to enhance efficiency, quality, and effectiveness of the community-wide response to homelessness.

Duties and functions include:

 1. advise the city manager and the city council on issues affecting homelessness;
2. assist the city in evaluating new and existing programs;
3. coordinate with other local and regional bodies addressing homelessness; and
4. perform such other duties assigned by the city manager or city council.



Commission Member
1Christopher Culak
2Linda Garner
3LeTicia Owens
5Wendy Conrad
6Mark Grace
7Louis Henry
8Mitchelle Hull
9Chase Headley
10Oscar Castillo
11Ted Hamilton



Cara Medndelsohn

13William McManemin
14John Crews






Kenn Webb

Kenn Webb.jpg



Meeting Agendas

CHC Agenda 8-24-17.pdf

CHC Agenda 9-26-17.pdf

CHC Agenda 10-20-17.pdf

CHC Agenda 11-17-17.pdf

CHC Agenda 12-15-17.pdf

CHC Agenda 2-9-18.pdf