Code Compliance

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​​​​Department of Code Compliance

The mission of the Department of Code Compliance is to foster clean, healthy, safe, enriching communities while preventing ​physical blight from Dallas neighborhoods. Code Compl​iance enforces City Ordinances by inspecting both residential and commercial properties for violations that may​ threaten the general public’s safety.

Staff responds to service requests received online, via mobile app, and through the 3-1-1 call center. Additionally, officers initiate service requests proactively in order to resolve and eliminate violations of City code.

​Together with the help of all communities we can build and sustain a better Dallas.


​Code Violations

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Common Code Violations

High Weeds
& Grass
Sidewalk Obstructions​
​Signs in Public Right of Way​Bulky Tras hViolation
Substandard Structures Junk
Motor Vehicles​
Illegal Dumping​ Illegal Outside Storage